Our Green Story


SFC-Member-Logo-1.pngWe are proud members of The Sustainable Furniture Council. SFC is a non-profit balanced coalition founded in 2006 to promote sustainable practices among manufactures, retailers, and consumers. SFC members acknowledge the tremendous urgency of global climate change, and take immediate steps to minimize carbon emissions, waste stream pollutants, un-recyclable content and primary materials from unsustainable sources from any of their products.

Over the past two decades San Francisco Design has been very aware of the problems our environment is facing with pollution, and global warming.  For our part we have been striving to connect economic viability in the market place with green furniture practices and manufacturers. 

Recycling was San Francisco Design’s first step, all of our stores recycle 100% of its office paper.  While the warehouse also recycles 100% of it office paper, it also recycles 100% of its cardboard, and if you have ever seen a dining table being shipped, you’d know how much cardboard we amass. We knew we had a good start with the recycling but we also knew we could do more.


Our next step was to take a closer look into what the furniture companies whom we have been buying from have been doing to enhance their own “green image.”

We now offer companies who are certified by the federal government for green manufacturing.  Some new furniture companies will only use recycled woods, recycled glass and recycled metals.  We are proud to offer these products to you!

Just last month we took another step towards a greener San Francisco Design by transforming one of our trucks into clean natural gas!  We wanted to see how it would perform against our other trucks and it works extremely well and we are very pleased!  Check this baby out!


Then we took a look at our showroom lighting, lighting is essential for a brick and mortar furniture showroom.  It has pained us to be using out of date floodlights that use 75 watts.  We have decided to convert both our showrooms to the new eco-friendly 15 watt LED floodlights, not only do they use less power but they last for up to 50 years!  Just one more step for us in leading Utah furniture stores in the Green revolution!