Colors the Interior of Your Home Needs in 2020

By November 20, 2019 March 23rd, 2020 Interior Design Trends

What’s left of 2019 is coming to a close, which means it’s time to start thinking about 2020. From resolutions to clothing trends, the new year brings with it a lot of changes. One of the best changes you can make this year is updating the interior of your home. It’s the perfect way to show your guests that you’re ready for 2020.

However, knowing which colors belong in your home can be stressful and overwhelming. Some shades of orange are trendy—others belong in the 70’s on a shag carpet. Lucky for you, the experts at San Francisco Design have created a guide to help you usher in the new year with a bang. If you have 2020 vision, read on to see which colors the interior of your home needs to make this year the best one yet.


Sunnyside Yellow

Sunnyside Yellow Accented Interior Wall

This year, go for something extraordinary—bright yellow. Bold, vibrant and beautiful, it will make you want to get up and dance. It’s more popular than ever to let your personality show through your wall colors and decorations, and this yellow shade shows your fun side. Create an inviting space for your guests by painting your wall (or a portion of your wall) this outstanding tone.


Dusty Pink

Dusty Pink Living Room Accents

Bringing to mind sunsets on the beach, this dusty pink is prominent without being flashy. Not only is this shade perfect for the walls, it’s perfect for furniture or light fixtures. Use this color in your living room, bedroom, or home office to accent furniture that would otherwise blend in.


Blue Breeze

Blue Breeze Bathroom Trends

Both elegant and graceful, this shade is excellent for anyone looking to give their home a high-class aesthetic. Adding this cool color to the home puts more emphasis on cabinets and furniture. We think this shade is ideal for the bathroom, kitchen, or home office. Pair it with white accents and simple greenery for a delicate touch.


Green, Green, Green

Green Living Room Accent Color

Bring nature inside this year with shades of green. From sage to seafoam, green is airy and whimsical, and has a restorative touch. It’s sure to be the hottest color of 2020. In fact, Behr’s 2020 color of the year is a soft green called “Back to Nature”. If you’ve been searching for a color to engage the senses, green is the one.


Smooth Gray

Smooth Gray Living Room Design

The best thing about gray is its versatility. Not only is gray a great option for wall colors, it’s also perfect for furniture, cabinets, fireplaces, and everything in between. Gray can be overlapped and doesn’t clash easily with other colors. If you need a grounding color in your home during 2020, choose a smooth gray and enjoy it for years to come.


Pale Lavender

Pale Lavender Office Space

If you’ve been dreaming of a dusty lilac meadow inside your home, 2020 is your year. This whimsical shade is perfect practically anywhere and is neutral enough to be paired with bold furniture. Try adding this pale lilac to your living room or bedroom for a wonderfully subtle pop of color.

Whether you’re looking to start the year 2020 off with something vibrant or something neutral, it’s best to talk with professional before you start. The interior design experts at San Francisco Design have the experience and know-how to bring your 2020 vision to life. Contact us today to get started!