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How to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Let’s be honest, some spaces are smaller than others. Even if you are blessed with extra square footage, your home may require a little extra TLC to feel larger than life. However, making a small space feel livable is a challenge. If you need to figure out a few ways to capitalize on the space you have, here are a few tricks and visual illusions that help.

Lighten Up!

Before you spend hours devouring Pinterest for your best paint colors, try narrowing it down with a light monochrome paint color. Use one color on all of the walls in a space. Try not to interrupt the area by breaking up the room with additional colors. A consistent light color scheme creates the illusion of a bigger space, so try picking a tone that brings the whole room together.

Let the Wood Flooring Flow

An old-aged interior design trick that is quickly catching on is carrying the wood floors from the bathroom into the living rooms and then putting a rug on top. Too many textures on your floor can make the space look smaller than it is, and different patterns may make a room look cluttered or dark. Try spanning your wood floor into the living room and watch as your home grows. 

Hang Some Mirrors

Just because you have a small bathroom, bedroom, or other space, doesn’t mean you need to think small. Add a well-placed mirror, and suddenly your home will feel twice as large. But you don’t need to find one mirror that fills up the entire wall space. Try using a group of small mirrors or turning a long mirror on its side. Your space will feel large and in charge.

Organization Matters

Many spaces are a lot bigger than you think; all you need to do is de-clutter. The best solution is simplifying and getting rid of all that unnecessary junk. However, chances are, there are a few things you need to keep. For all of the things that you need, put them in organizational accessories. We love baskets, bookshelves, and other storage options that not only keep things tidy but also add a beautiful design element.

Let the Light In

Flooding a space with natural light automatically makes it seem bigger. While you can’t always add new windows or doors, you can install light fixtures to help. Add flush mounts to your space so that you don’t lose any valuable space but still get the necessary above lighting. If you are considering other light fixtures, make sure to watch your proportions. Choose lighting that feels light and draws your eye upwards.

Fake It with Curtains

If you have curtains that fit a window perfectly, you could be selling yourself short. Make your ceilings appear taller, and your windows look larger by hanging your curtain rod close to the ceiling and extending it wider than the window. You don’t need to do this to every window, but do it in the most crucial areas like the living room or bedroom.

Bed Headboard Tricks

Speaking of the bedroom, it deserves some love too! Try spanning a headboard the length of two twin beds for those smaller kid rooms. This trick brings a design together and makes the space feel more significant than it actually is! It is also a unique twist that can really stand out amongst other homes in the neighborhood.

Find the Right Fit

Nothing makes a space feel smaller than furniture, rugs, or accessories that don’t match the area. One of the best things you can do is work with a professional. Whether you are picking out a single piece of furniture or completely renovating your home, our interior design team is here to help!

Please stop by one of our showrooms in Salt Lake City or Park City to learn more about our service offerings. We can offer advice that will help transform your space and make it feel like home once again. Get in touch—we would love to help!