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Contemporary Bed Frames and Sets

Who doesn’t love laying their head down on their cozy bed at night? The interior designers at San Francisco Design agree that although every bedroom is the most private room in your home, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be the favorite. The interior design experts at San Francisco Design do not skimp on style for bedrooms, and you shouldn’t either. Our contemporary bed frames and sets will help you feel at home whenever you walk into your bedroom. You will find the comfort and style you are looking for with the help of our interior designers’ hand-picked bedroom furniture. Along with offering the latest modern and contemporary styles, you can find all that you need at San Francisco Design. Many people love the contemporary and modern style but struggle to find pieces that provide the comfort they want in their home. Luckily, the items offered by our team provide both style and comfortability.

At San Francisco Design, you can find the perfect bedroom set and bed frames needed to pull your room together. Whether you want a tranquil space to collect your thoughts from the day or a cozy space to rest your head, the bedroom furniture offered on our site and in our showrooms will help you fall in love every night.

Let San Francisco Design lead the way in giving your bedroom the updated look you desire. Our contemporary bedroom furniture is stylish, comfortable, durable, and will make your bedroom the first place you turn to when you get home. Browse online for a few select pieces or visit us in our Salt Lake City or Park City showrooms to see all of our bedroom furniture in-person. Working with San Francisco Design, you will discover the unique style of your home.

Bedroom Furniture FAQs

How do I mix and match bedroom furniture?

Mixing bedroom furniture pieces instead of buying a set gives your room a unique, customized look. Ask yourself if you want a specific style or design in the room. Find one to two pieces that fit your design aesthetic, and then search for coordinating pieces that work together. To make things easier, you can start small by swapping out a few pieces in your current room. Choose pieces with contrasting textures, materials, colors, and shapes. For example, you can mix an upholstered headboard, a metal nightstand, and a vintage dresser.

How do I mix and match wood furniture in my bedroom?

Combining wood tones in a bedroom can be daunting, but it can result in a stunning space when done correctly. First, start with picking a dominant wood tone for the room. Choose your largest piece of furniture with the dominant wood color for the bedroom, then select different furniture pieces to coordinate with that wood color. Suppose your dominant wood color is a warm oak; select other warm tones so they will blend easily. For more depth, add accents of high-contrasting wood pieces in a light pine or dark mahogany, for example.

How do I arrange furniture in a small bedroom?

Arranging furniture in a small bedroom can be tricky, but it’s completely doable. First, start by placing your bed in the center of the most visible wall. In most rooms, this is the wall facing the doorway. Place small, narrow nightstands on both sides of the bed, if possible. Instead of adding a dresser if you’re short on space, start rethinking storage by purchasing a bed with storage or consider appropriately-spaced built-ins. Help make your bedroom appear roomier by hanging window treatments as close to the ceiling as possible.

Where do I buy a bedroom set?

San Francisco Design has beautiful bedroom sets and customizable bedroom furniture that fits seamlessly into any room and design. Our modern and contemporary beds, dressers, and nightstands are versatile enough for any design aesthetic and provide both comfort and style. In addition, we offer a free two-hour design consultation in your home when you purchase any furniture from San Francisco Design. Stop by to see our stunning furniture pieces in our Salt Lake City and Park City showrooms, and let us help you pick out a new bedroom set today.

What does a 4-piece bedroom set include?

While each bedroom set is different, a typical 4-piece bedroom set usually consists of a bed, a nightstand, and a dresser, along with another dresser, nightstand, or a mirror for the dresser. We have a beautiful selection of modern and contemporary bedroom pieces at San Francisco Design. Customize your own bedroom set, or simply buy a new bed or set of nightstands for your room. It’s all up to you! We also have interior designers in our showrooms to help you select new furniture for your bedroom.

What color goes with mahogany bedroom furniture?

Mahogany furniture has a rich, reddish-brown color that adds elegance and sophistication to any room. If you are designing a room with mahogany furniture as the dominant wood tone, there are a few colors you can use to create a beautiful space. For a cool-toned color scheme, combine mahogany wood with a slate gray, a robin’s egg blue, dark blue, or a neutral green-gray color. Use warm gray, rich red, or warm blonde wood colors for a warm color scheme. Many colors pair well with mahogany, so the choice is up to you.

How can I make old bedroom furniture look modern?

Everyone loves heirloom furniture, but it’s not always easy to incorporate them into a modern bedroom. Try adding some new, contemporary pieces into a room to create a modern look using old furniture. Arrange one to two older furnishings in the room paired with a few vintage or antique accessories. Adding modern decor, such as modern artwork, contemporary bedding, and new curtains help mesh the old and new.

How can I arrange furniture in an awkward bedroom?

To arrange furniture in an awkwardly-shaped room, begin by placing the biggest piece of furniture on the largest wall. Putting your most prominent piece of furniture in the room makes it easier for you to arrange other furniture pieces in the room. Make use of any unused space and minimize design disruption by creating “zones” in a room, such as a reading or dressing zone. Define each zone with rugs with different textures, shapes, and designs. Lastly, utilize any vertical space by using tall mounting shelving units and hanging art higher up on the wall.

What wall color goes with white bedroom furniture?

White is one of the most versatile colors, and white furniture is no exception. If you have white furniture and are wondering what color to paint the walls, you’ll have many choices. First, start by choosing the overall feel and look of the room. Do you want to keep the bedroom light and bright, or are you going for something a little more dark and moody? You can keep things simple by painting the walls a neutral color or even adding fun and colorful wallpaper. What color to use really is up to you.

Does a bedroom set include a mattress?

No, most bedroom sets do not include a mattress. That’s simply because it allows the buyer to purchase the mattress of their choice for maximum comfort. When shopping for a mattress for your bedroom set, keep in mind the size of mattress you need. Do you need a low-profile mattress or one with more height? Also, remember that the size of the mattress does affect the overall design and accessibility of your bed. For bedrooms tight on space, consider downsizing from a king to a queen.

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