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Modern Home Office Furniture Styles

A recent survey found that 82% of company leaders plan to let their employees regularly work from home. As working-from-home roles change, so does the need for home office furniture.

If you spend all day in your office, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality desk, chair, and other office furniture to make your working-from-home experience comfortable and efficient. Because of all the hours spent in your home office, finding pieces that encourage better posture and are ergonomically friendly is essential.

But because your office is also a part of your home, you’ll want it to reflect your style and taste. If you take the time to source both functional and stylish office furniture, you’ll be comfortable and more productive and enjoy spending time in your curated space.

While there are plenty of places to purchase office furniture, how can you find functional and unique furniture? You’ve come to the right place if you don’t want the same generic office furniture as everyone else. San Francisco Design has beautiful contemporary office furniture of the highest quality that perfectly matches your modern aesthetic.

Our Office Furniture Collections

At San Francisco Design, furniture is our passion. We specialize in modern, contemporary, and Scandinavian design. Smooth surfaces, minimalist design, clean lines, and sophisticated tones are all characteristics of our style. Our unique pieces bring function to your space and can fit into any decor style, which means they are versatile.

Not sure where to start? Stop by one of our furniture stores in Park City or Salt Lake City. We are happy to help you design your office space and provide suggestions for any furniture you need. Shop our wide variety of modern home office furniture in-store or online. You’ll find everything you need to boost your productivity and functionality while making your office space look incredible. From midcentury modern work desks to contemporary home office furniture, we have a wide variety of office furnishings to add to your office space. Here are a few of our favorite pieces of modern office furniture that you might consider adding to your home office.

Modern Standing Adjustable Office Desk from San Francisco Design

Modern Office Desks

Modern Office Desk With Glass Top from San Francisco Design

Modern Furniture for Your Contemporary Home Office

At San Francisco Design, our talented designers genuinely listen to every client’s requirements. We realized that every home office is unique and has different needs. We help you create the home office space needed to help you feel successful while working at home. Find something that adds character to your home instead of settling for bland or utilitarian furniture.

With any furniture purchase from San Francisco Design, you’ll receive a free design consultation with our talented team of experts. While working with us, you’ll create a unique, stylish space that is comfortable and modern. Need a custom piece of furniture? We do that, too. Our high-end furniture from reputable brands matches the look of your home office.

We are the interior design team that will bring your space to life. Whether you’re looking for just a few simple pieces to spruce up your home office space or an entire office remodel, we have everything you need to help you. To begin designing your new home office space, visit your nearest San Francisco Design location or contact us today.

Need Help Styling Your Home Office?

One of the most significant benefits of a home office is creating a space you feel truly comfortable in. Outside the corporate environment, your home office can take on more of your unique personality.

In addition to our full range of contemporary home office furniture, San Francisco Design offers modern accessories to complete your workspace.

From contemporary lighting pieces, such as table lamps and chandeliers, to decor items like mirrors, clocks, and tabletop accessories, we have the finishing touches to make your office feel just like you. Visit our Salt Lake City furniture store — or our other location in nearby Park City — to select the styling pieces that will add personality to your newly furnished office.

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