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Mid-Century Modern Furniture in Salt Lake City & Park City

At San Francisco Design, we offer a gorgeous selection of mid-century modern furniture in Salt Lake City and Park City, from dining sets to sofas and bed frames. Keep scrolling to unravel the appeal of this refreshing style and browse our classic, high-end furnishings. Nothing beats the clean lines and fresh feel of mid-century modern furniture and decor. Of all the interior design styles that we have to choose from, none are as crisp as this simplistic post-war aesthetic.

The Timeless Allure of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

The Timeless Allure of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Although decor trends are always shifting, mid-century modern interior design is one style that has remained prevalent since its introduction in the mid-1900s.

What made this style a movement? After WWII, the world was eager to put this ugly past behind them and move forward to a brighter, more positive, and peaceful future. To purge the old pain and negativity and start fresh. That’s what this style is all about, and we see this philosophy in the little details that define MCM furniture, including the following:

  • Straight lines & organized geometrical patterns
  • Simple, breathable designs
  • Uncluttered surfaces
  • Solid, unassuming wood grains
  • Bright colors

Thanks to these characteristics, mid-century modernism boasts a timeless appeal to modern-day decorators — regardless of their decor preferences.

MCM furniture has the unique ability to melt into just about any style effortlessly. These pieces are readily receptive to even the most uncommon decorating choices. In Salt Lake City and Park City, the most common design trends we see are split down the middle, with one half choosing modern decor and the other leaning more toward rustic, farmhouse chic designs. With clean lines and simple form, mid-century modern furnishings blend in with both categories seamlessly.

Mid century modern furniture MCM Utah home interior design | San Francisco Design
mid century modern living room furniture in Salt Lake City and Park City Utah | San Francisco Design

Our Selection of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

At San Francisco Design, we provide an excellent selection of stunning mid-century modern furniture made from high-quality materials by professional craftsmen. Take a look at our contemporary sofas, dining tables, chairs, office furniture, and more — all waiting for you at our mid-century modern furniture store near you.

Why Choose San Francisco Design for Mid-Century Modern Furniture in Utah

San Francisco Design is fully staffed with professional interior designers who have a knack for creating functional beauty in any space and exceeding our clients’ expectations. All of the MCM furniture we carry is hand-selected by our experts, who specialize in both mid-century modern and contemporary decor. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about what kind of furniture can really make or break a room.

Visit Our Furniture Stores in Salt Lake City and Park City

Visit our mid-century modern furniture stores in Park City and Salt Lake City to get a feel for our expertise and quality. We can help you choose just the right piece to tie your room together — or help you start from scratch to create the perfect space for your home or business.

mid century modern furniture store in Salt Lake City and Park City | MCM decor in Utah living room | San Francisco Design

Interior Design Tips and Inspiration

Not exactly sure where to start? Here are a few tips from our talented designers for incorporating mid-century modern designs into your home.

Find Some Inspiration

A quick search on Google or Pinterest for “mid-century modern design ideas” will give you loads of inspiration. Compile your favorite ideas and note their similarities in color, patterns, and furniture types.

Little by Little

Redecorating doesn’t have to break the bank. You can incorporate MCM furniture into your current setup by purchasing one or two pieces here and there — instead of everything all at once. You’ll find that this style will mesh easily with what you already have in place.

Focus on Wood

You’ll notice that mid-century modernism incorporates a great deal of fine-grain woods, like Teak. Choose furniture and accents that go along with this theme, and avoid metals and plastics for your base.

Add Bright Colors

MCM is unapologetically retro, which means you can incorporate bright colors into your palette! Use pillows, vases, plants, curtains, and wall art to introduce a fun, enthusiastic color scheme into your new design. As long as you’ve stuck with a wood base, you should be able to experiment with just about any color!

Play with Patterns

Geometric patterns were quite popular in the mid-1900s, which makes them integral to a successful MCM display. Use wallpaper, rugs, backsplash, and even architectural elements to bring clean geometric patterns into your mid-century modern home.

Mid century modern living room furniture in Utah | brown leather mid-century modern sofa couch sectional | Bohemian style | San Francisco Design

Set the Stage for Excellence

Are you ready to design a space everyone will love? Our professional designers are here to help. Visit our MCM furniture stores near you for the most stunning mid-century modern finds. Our selection of high-end furniture embodies this striking era in all the best ways and is made from durable, long-lasting materials. Visit either of our furniture stores today to find what you’ve been looking for!

See you soon!

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