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Living Room Furniture

Lounge Chairs, Accent Chairs, and Recliners

Find the Perfect Chair for Your Modern Living Room

Our designers can all agree that one of the best ways to tie a room together is with the right chair. Luckily, the modern chairs at San Francisco Design are second to none. Crafted with style and quality in mind, our contemporary chairs can transform any space. Whether you are looking for the perfect lounge chair, a modern leather chair, or a bold accent for your living room, we have the designs for you.

As Utah’s choice for contemporary home furnishings, we offer only the finest in modern chairs and accents. Best of all? Many modern chairs from San Fran Design can be custom-built to your personal preference and unique taste. From your choice in materials to specific colors and styles, our designs are truly unique to their owners. Shop our contemporary & mid century modern styles today, and contact us to customize your own modern chair!

Modern Living Room Chairs FAQs

Choosing a chair for your living room impacts your space’s style, comfort, decor, layout, and comfortable seating. At San Francisco Design, we offer a variety of modern living room chairs to fit your needs. Below we answer the most frequently asked questions on living room chairs.

What are the different types of chairs for living rooms?

Living room chairs come in various styles, textures, colors, sizes, and materials. People often choose a living room chair for extra seating, for comfort, or as an accent in their living room decor. We talk more about accent chairs below. Some of the most popular types of chairs for your living room include:
– Lounge chairs, like the chaise lounge
– Armchairs, like club chairs and wingback chairs
Recliner chairs
– Swivel chairs
– Cushioned chairs, like Chesterfield chairs and slipper chairs
– Oversized chairs, like barrel chairs

What is the most comfortable living room chair?

The living room’s most comfortable seats are easy to spot because people go toward them first. A comfortable living room chair has a sturdy back, armrests, and cushioned support. Living room chairs come in many different materials, like leather, fabric, wooden, and metal chairs, but upholstered chairs are the most popular because they tend to be the most cozy. Guests and homeowners also like a chance to put their feet up, and many believe the most comfortable living room chairs are chairs with an ottoman or recliners.

What is an accent chair?

An accent chair is a decorative piece of furniture that stands out due to its contrasting color and texture. An accent chair for the living room contrasts with the couch and other pieces and usually provides a focal point for your eyes. An accent chair also offers extra seating in the living room and doesn’t have to be uncomfortable to stand out!

What are your most popular living room chair styles?

At San Francisco Design, our most popular designs are our leather accent chairs for the living room. Our most popular styles are our contemporary and mid-century modern living room chairs. Many of our modern chairs can be custom-built with your color schemes, fabric choices, and preferred materials, creating a unique piece that will fit your living room perfectly.

How do I choose an accent chair that best fits my space?

When choosing an accent chair, consider the size, color scheme, and style of your room and existing furniture pieces. Choose an accent chair or chairs with complementary yet contrasting colors and materials to your other pieces. Remember to keep your overall style in mind, and look for form and function for your accent chair and room.

What can I put between two accent chairs?

Depending on the size and style of your room, having a gap between two accent chairs can make the space feel unfinished. Consider placing a small end table, chest, bookcase, or storage credenza in between if you want a place to display or store items and books. You can also set a large ottoman or coffee table in front to bring the pieces together or a large floor lamp between the two for extra lighting and contrasting height. Lastly, you can intentionally leave space for guests to walk between as a walkway into the room.

What should I know about how to arrange chairs in the living room?

How you arrange your living room furniture depends on the size and purpose of your room. Generally, you want to use furniture to create balance, symmetry, and space. Do not push all the furniture to the walls of small living rooms. Instead, arrange them closer together with space behind. Arrange accent chairs around a focal point, such as a fireplace, t.v., french doors, or large windows. Use ottomans, end tables, coffee tables, and lamps to bring your chairs together and create a relaxing, comfortable area to visit, read, or unwind.

How do I choose chairs for the living room?

The chair or chairs you choose for your living room can immensely impact your space’s comfort and style. When choosing chairs for your living room, decide on their primary use. How will you use the chair, and who will it accommodate? Smaller accent chairs are best for occasional seating and to fill a corner. Larger, more comfy chairs are best for your daily lounge chair and as a more prominent accent piece.

What color accent chair goes with a brown sofa?

There are a variety of colors that pair well with a brown sofa and provide the pop of color that you want. Choose warm colors such as deep red, gold, orange, or mustard yellow for your living room accent chairs. Or, choose a cool blue or white to bring out the warm undertones of your brown or leather sofa.

Should accent chairs be the same color as the sofa?

No. Accent chairs stand out because they are a different color than the sofa. They are often bold colors, such as blue, yellow, or red chairs. However, tan, navy blue, or white chairs are also effective as an accent in living rooms where the sofa is brown, blue, or patterned.

Where is the best place to buy accent chairs near Salt Lake City?

San Francisco Design offers high-quality, stylish custom chairs that are Utah’s choice for contemporary modern design. If you are searching for the perfect accent chair for your space, San Francisco Design offers sleek, striking designs that can be custom-built with your preferences in mind. With two locations in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah, and an exceptional online presence, San Francisco Design is the best place to buy accent chairs in Salt Lake City.

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