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Dining Room Furniture for Every Occasion

Dining rooms are a gathering place; however, many don’t pay attention to the details needed to make a dining room feel uniquely beautiful. The team at San Francisco Design understands that while dining rooms have become some of the most used areas in the home, they shouldn’t lack any of the style featured in the rest of your space. Let our expert designers bring out your home’s contemporary and modern style with our dining room tables, dining chairs, and other furnishings. Together, you can discover the pieces you need to reflect the look and feel of the rest of your home.

Whether you are looking for a fabulous entertaining space or a dining room table where the whole family comes together, San Francisco Design has the perfect pieces to make your dining room the star of your home! Some of the key pieces you will need for your home include dining tables, dining chairs, rugs, light fixtures, and accessories. Fortunately, our online store and showroom have a large variety of the latest items on the market. You can find all you need by browsing our online store or visiting our SLC and Park City showrooms. Visit us today to see many of the items featured online in person. For maximum convenience, you can also have our dining room furnishings shipped directly to your home.

Dining Room Furniture FAQs

How do I decorate a dining table?

A dining table is one of the main focal points inside a house that is easy to overlook when decorating. We think adding table decorations is a simple way to express yourself, and there are many ways to create a stunning display. Here are some dining table decoration ideas:

  • Add a fresh flower arrangement in a beautiful vase
  • Create a candle centerpiece
  • Add a table runner
  • Fill a decorative bowl with fruits or other items
  • Add a table tray complete with some simple elements
  • Combine several decor elements for a more dimensional look

How do I decorate a dining room?

Before beginning the process of decorating your dining room, note any items you currently have that you’d like to use in the new space. Then, list any new items to buy that will enhance the space. Here are some design elements you can incorporate into a dining room:

  • Lighting – Mix lighting sources, such as floor lamps, a chandelier or pendant light, and windows.
  • Table and chairs – Ensure the dining table and chairs fit the space, both in space and design.
  • Linens and wall decor – A rug, drapes, and decorations will add the finishing touches to your dining room.

How do I arrange furniture for a living room and dining room combo?

While there are many ways to arrange furniture in an open living and dining room, here are just a few tips. First, define separate living spaces by placing rugs where you want to position seating and dining areas. Then, create more distinction between the two areas with decor and lighting without disrupting the natural flow of traffic. For example, placing two couches parallel to each other, with the opening facing the dining table, will give an open flow to the room.

Where do I buy dining room furniture?

San Francisco Design is your source for beautiful, durable dining tables and dining room furniture that will last for years. We carry a variety of modern and contemporary pieces that you can blend into any dining area, making your house a beautiful space where you’ll enjoy spending your time. When you purchase any piece of furniture from us, you’ll receive a complimentary interior design consultation. Let San Francisco help you create a custom, stunning dining room in your home.

How much does a dining table cost?

As the biggest piece of furniture in a dining room, a dining table is perhaps one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in a home. The dining room table cost depends on what materials are used to make the table and how the piece of furniture is constructed. On average, most dining tables will cost between $500-$4,000. For a high-end, durable dining room table, you can expect to pay $6,000-$10,000 and even beyond.

Where do I donate dining room furniture?

If you’ve upgraded your dining room furniture and want to donate it, there are several charities that offer furniture donation pickup. Here is a list of Salt Lake-area charities that will pick up your furniture for free:

  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Utah Association for Intellectual Disabilities
  • Catholic Community Services
  • Salvation Army
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah

Please note that while these donation centers do pick up furniture, some may service specific areas and may not accept all dining room furniture.

What is a dinette set?

Dinette sets are small dining room sets typically comprised of a table and up to four chairs. They’re ideal for small spaces, such as kitchens and breakfast nooks. You’ll see them used often in studio apartments, small apartment kitchens, or as alternative seating elsewhere in the house. Because they’re less formal than dining tables, they can be incorporated anywhere in the house as additions to breakfast bars, crafting tables, or reading tables.

How do I mix and match dining room furniture?

One easy way to mix and match dining room furniture is to simply switch out your current table or dining room chairs. If you’re starting from scratch, mix textures with your furniture, such as upholstered chairs with a wooden table. Don’t think about matching dining chairs to your table. Instead, think of coordinating your chairs with the rest of the room. Lastly, combine a different style of chair and table to create an unforgettable, unique dining room set.

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