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Clean Lines, Neutral Tones, and Quality Materials

Scandinavian Furniture

Today, Scandinavian furniture design is easy to find anywhere in the world – including Salt Lake City. This celebrated design movement has left its mark on architecture and interiors since the 1930s. First emerging from the northern European nations of Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland, Scandinavian design (or “Nordic” design) is revered for its understated minimalism and practicality. In fact, a principle of Scandinavian design is to bring harmony to your home and design things made to last.

If you love clean lines, neutral tones, quality materials, and uncluttered spaces, Scandinavian design is the perfect muse for your Utah home. Shop Utah’s Scandinavian design collection from our Salt Lake City furniture store to complement your contemporary mountain home. Or, visit our modern furniture store in Park City. Our luxury furniture is made with quality materials like genuine leather, designer fabrics, and solid wood. Built to last, our high-end Scandinavian furniture selection embodies the true spirit of the movement.

High-End Scandinavian Furniture

Flexible, modular design and clean lines are hallmarks of high-end Scandinavian furniture. Famous designers like Klint, Henningsen, Mogensen, and Aalto, popularized many of the iconic Scandinavian design elements we still recognize and love today. Leather, light wood tones, and neutral, organic fabrics are commonly used in many minimalistic Scandinavian pieces – including those in the Stressless© furniture line.

Stressless© is a comfort-first furniture collection proudly offered at San Francisco Design. Designed in Norway, Stressless© furniture is designed to work with your body’s natural movements to offer superior comfort that doesn’t sacrifice style. Their reclining chairs and sofas are a great way to bring enhanced comfort to a simplistic, Scandinavian-style living room.

For high-end Scandinavian furniture in Utah, shop San Francisco Design’s curated collection below.

Modern Sofa Bed in Contemporary Living Room with Layered Rug and Accent Chair
High Quality Contemporary Wooden Bed Frame with Matching Nightstand and Dresser

Scandinavian Design in Salt Lake City

Love Scandinavian simplicity but not ready to redesign your entire home? Don’t worry; one of the benefits of Scandinavian design is its ability to blend well with other styles and trends. Add a piece or two at a time to slowly adopt this popular design aesthetic.

Browse our Scandinavian furniture online store for high-end pieces that will work in your existing space or deliver retro-meets-modern style to your new space. For your Utah home, you can’t go wrong with comfortable, classic pieces from one of the most popular interior styles of the last 100 years. Its enduring popularity proves this isn’t a come-and-go design trend; it’s a look that’s here to stay.

Once you pick your favorite luxury Scandinavian furniture pieces from above, here are some tips for transforming your space into a Scandinavian escape:

  • Paint your space a neutral beige or warm white.
  • Bring in a touch of green or natural elements such as indoor plants, dried flowers, or dried moss.
  • Use natural fiber throws, pillows, or rugs in muted earth tones to introduce layers to your seating area.
  • Install a sculptural, modern light fixture.
  • Keep decor minimal to give your room an airy, spacious feeling.
  • Hang a statement mirror or art piece in a prominent position to give your space a clear focal point.

Need Help Perfecting Your Scandinavian Design?

Nordic design elements are a perfect complement to the snowy mountain landscape of Park City or Salt Lake City. If you are inspired by the beautiful simplicity of Scandinavian design but don’t know where to begin, reach out to our Utah interior design team. We can help customize your interior design to match your home’s architectural elements while incorporating the colors, fabrics, and accessories you love most.

Whether you want to redesign your living room, dining room, or bedroom, our experienced interior designers will pull together a cohesive, Scandinavian design-inspired look you’ll love for years to come.

What is Scandinavian furniture?

First emerging from the northern European nations of Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland, Scandinavian design (or \”Nordic\” design), is revered for its understated minimalism and practicality.

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