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Media Storage, TV Stands, Console Cabinets & Tables

Modern Media Storage For Your Contemporary Home

Our team of professional designers has curated the best selection of modern media consoles and storage for your home. Organize your home with style as you browse media console tables, media cabinets, tv stands, and other media storage furniture pieces. Several of our products can also be custom-built to fit your space perfectly to make our designs unique to you.

Shop our collection of media consoles and other media storage pieces to give your home a mid century modern flair. Did you know we also offer interior design services? Get advice from our experts on how to style your home for a modern yet timeless look.

Media Storage Furniture FAQ

How can I organize and hide wires behind a TV stand?

Organizing and hiding wires behind a TV stand can take some effort, but it is well worth all the work. After all, the last thing you want to see is wires dangling from a TV. To organize wires, you can use zip ties, clips, adhesive hooks, and even coiled sleeves. To hide the wires, they can be threaded through a tube in the wall or placed in a concealed tube that runs along your furniture. Cable storage boxes also help to hide and organize loose cables.

How can I decorate the wall behind a TV stand?

When decorating the wall behind your TV stand, the possibilities are endless. Showcase some of your favorite family photos with a gallery wall, display your favorite collectibles with some built-ins, center it above your fireplace, or keep it simple by putting your TV on a beautiful cabinet. When deciding how to decorate this space, consider the current layout of your room and the overall aesthetic you’d like to achieve.

How can I decorate an entertainment center or TV cabinet?

If you’ve recently purchased an entertainment center or TV cabinet, you may wonder how to decorate empty shelves or additional space. Before you begin decorating the space, consider the additional storage space within the entertainment center and what else you could store there. Could you add some of your favorite books, or are there some favorite art pieces that you want to display? In general, it’s best to keep things minimal to avoid a crowded space and keep all equipment out of sight.

What is an entertainment center?

An entertainment center is a free-standing cabinet that holds electronic appliances, such as a TV, and all the necessary audio/visual components. In many cases, an entertainment center serves as the focal point in the room and can be decorated to match the aesthetic of the room. It is both a practical and decorative piece of furniture for the home.

How tall should a TV stand be?

When purchasing a stand for your TV, you’ll want to be sure the stand supports your television at a height that is not too tall or too short. You’ll want to ensure your TV is at eye level because anything else could lead to eye or neck strain. To best calculate the correct height of a TV stand, start by measuring the distance from the floor to the average sightline of everyone in the house. Once you’ve made this calculation, subtract half of your television’s height. Look for TV stands within an inch or two of this difference.

How big of a TV stand do I need?

Have a 65 or 75-inch television, and you’re not sure what size of TV stand you need? In general, you’ll want to look for a stand for your TV that is at least two to three inches wider than the overall width of your television on both sides. There should also be plenty of space in front of and behind the TV on the stand. Planning and allowing for space on all sides of the TV stand ensures that the stand can safely hold the TV, but it also helps balance the area around it.

What should I put next to a TV stand?

Putting decorative elements next to TV stands helps balance out the TV’s heaviness and adds interest to the room. You can place bookcases on both sides of the TV stand to add height and add a place to add more home decor. There is also the option of adding indoor plants for a more organic look. Woven baskets can help add storage space, and adding a mirror can add depth to the room. In short, adding a combination of textures and colors keeps the space interesting.

Where can I buy a media console near Salt Lake City, UT, and Park City, UT?

San Francisco Design is your source for beautiful, well-built media consoles in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah. Our talented designers have carefully curated the best modern media centers and consoles for your home. Our modern and mid-century modern consoles will elevate your space while adding functional storage and beauty. In addition, many of our consoles can be custom-built to fit your space perfectly. The best part? Get advice from our designers about how to best style your entertainment center.

How should I measure for a corner TV cabinet?

To determine what size of TV cabinet you’ll need for a corner space, start by taking a few measurements. First, measure the front of your TV from the lower left to the upper right. Add two inches to that measurement to find the minimum width of your corner TV stand. Ensure that the stand has at least one foot of clearance from any obstacles, such as a window or door. Measure the dimensions of the locations to ensure the TV cabinet you plan on buying fits snugly within this space.

What size of TV will fit in my cabinet?

Generally speaking, the size of your TV should be about ⅔ of the width of your cabinet. Because TVs are marketed based on the screen’s diagonal measurement, knowing the screen’s actual width can be a little tricky. If you have an empty space in your cabinet or built-ins, measure the space, then allow at least two inches of space on each side of the TV. From that measurement, you can determine what size of TV you can purchase for the space.

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