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Scandinavian Leather Recliners, Sofas, Tables & Accessories

Stressless® Scandinavian Furniture

Stressless® FAQs

What is Stressless® furniture?

Stressless® is a brand of furniture that includes recliners, sofas, dining furniture, and much more. Originally founded in Norway in the 1970s, they produced the first reclining chair that allowed movement. Stressless® recliners allow you to move forward, backward and swivel side to side in the seat. They’re known for being high-quality, ultra-comfortable, and ergonomic chairs that provide incredible support to the body in any position. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they’re a beautiful addition to any room.

How much are Stressless® recliners?

The price of Stressless® recliners varies based on several different factors. Because each piece can be customized based on your preferences, there are many pricing variables. If you are interested in receiving a quote for a Stressless® item, San Francisco Design will be happy to give you more pricing information.

What is the best Stressless® recliner?

The best Stressless® recliner is the one that works best for you and your home. There are a few different things to consider before purchasing a Stressless® recliner for your home. First, consider the size that you’ll need. There are small, medium, and large sizes, ensuring that every person can find a chair for their needs. You’ll have several different styles and colors from which to choose. Because all of the furniture at Stressless® is high quality, you can’t go wrong no matter the piece you select.

How much does a Stressless® sofa cost?

Stressless® sofas can vary in cost depending on several different factors. Similarly to Stressless® recliners, the sofas can be customized based on your preferences. There are many styles, materials, and functions to choose from. San Franciso Design will be happy to provide you with more specific pricing information for any Stressless® furniture in which you are interested.

How can I adjust a Stressless® chair?

Each Stressless® chair is incredibly easy to adjust. In fact, all you need to do is move! To recline, simply lean back and the Glide™ system built into the chair adjusts accordingly. You’ll have comfortable, ergonomically correct lumbar support no matter how you sit in the chair. The chair also rocks easily with the BalanceAdapt™ system by using your body weight that adjusts with the smallest movement of your body.

Is Stressless® furniture worth the price?

Stressless® furniture is long-lasting, durable, and a smart investment for your home. Because each piece is made with high-quality materials, including steel and top-grain leather imported from Brazil and Italy. No matter what style you choose, each piece has a solid design that will look great in your home with unmatched comfort for many years to come. These sturdy yet beautiful pieces are a cost-effective option for your home and office.

Where can I buy Stressless® furniture?

San Francisco Design is your source for ordering Stressless® furniture. In our store, our associates can guide you through the ordering process, suggest materials or styles that might work best in your home, and offer advice for ordering the best chair for your needs. In addition, when you order any piece of furniture with San Francisco Design, you’ll receive a complimentary two-hour design consultation for your home.

Where is Stressless® furniture made?

Stressless® furniture is manufactured by Ekornes, an innovative furniture company founded in Norway in 1934. With their headquarters in Sykkylven, Norway, each piece is produced at their six factories in Norway and one factory in North Carolina. Ekornes has become a strong presence in furniture manufacturing across the globe with more than 4,000 retail outlets in 48 markets worldwide.

Who sells Stressless® furniture?

To order Stressless® furniture, you’ll need to find an approved dealer in your area. San Francisco Design is your source for purchasing Stressless® furniture in both Salt Lake and Park City areas. Feel free to come into both of our showrooms to see these beautiful pieces in person, discover their innovative design, and receive assistance during the ordering process. Once your piece arrives, we deliver it and install it in your home for free.

How to care for Stressless® leather furniture?

Here are a few tips on how to best care for your Stressless® leather furniture:

  • Avoid placing in direct sunlight to avoid fading the leather
  • Keep furniture away from any sources of heat
  • Keep pets off the furniture, as their paws and saliva can ruin the leather finish
  • Gently wipe furniture once a week with a clean, dry cloth or use a soft brush to vacuum
  • Clean and protect furniture every six months with Stressless® leather cleaner
  • Apply Stressless® leather protection

Who makes Stressless® furniture?

Stressless® furniture is manufactured by Ekornes, an innovative Norwegian furniture company. Founded in 1934, is the largest furniture producer in the Scandinavian region. Ekornes designs and manufactures Stressless® furniture, Svane®, and IMG. Their goal is to manufacture products that improve everyday life using robust materials and high-quality craftsmanship using sustainable manufacturing practices. This environmentally-friendly company manufactures beautiful, ergonomically-designed pieces that offer incredible comfort and functionality.

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