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Modern & Contemporary Living Room Furniture in Utah

If you are like many families, the most-used space in your home is the living room. From watching television to playing board games or visiting one another, living rooms must have all the furniture necessary to make the space comfortable. Fortunately, San Francisco Design has a variety of luxury modern living room furniture & contemporary home décor to outfit your family’s most occupied room. Whether you want to create the perfect formal room with high-end furniture to wow your guests or the ideal family room where everyone gathers together for a movie or game night, San Francisco Design has the perfect furniture pieces for you.

We have the styles, brands, and designs to make your dream room come to life! Our contemporary sofas, couches, ottomans, and chairs look great without sacrificing comfort. Our online store and Utah showrooms are full of living room furnishings made from various materials, including cloth and leather. Working with our interior design specialists, you can find high-end living room furniture to bring your space to life. Browse our online store to see a few hand-selected items in stock and ready to ship today. You can also stop by our store today and start outfitting your living room today.

Living Room Furniture FAQs

How should I decorate my living room?

First, determine what environment you’d like to create in your living room: will it be a formal space that stays clean and tidy for guests, or will it be your everyday living space for watching TV, chatting with family, and relaxing? Once you’ve defined its purpose, you can select furnishings to complement it. For a formal space, you can focus on design more than comfort and durability. However, for your everyday living space, make sure your furnishings will hold up to daily wear and tear. For a modern Salt Lake City home, contemporary living room furniture is a great style to choose. Sofas and chairs with simple silhouettes, paired with a lighting fixture, rug, and coffee table featuring neutral tones, modern metallic finishes, and clean lines is a sophisticated and easy combination. Contemporary living room pieces will be a comfortable and stylish backdrop for your living space that will feel elevated and fresh for years.

What are the best living room interior designs?

The best living room designs are those that balance comfort with design. A living room should feel approachable and functional while still adding beauty and elegance to your home. The best way to achieve this balance is to shop for well-made designer furniture. Higher-quality furnishings are worth the investment because of their ability to offer both superior aesthetics and comfort to your space. The right arrangement and decor are also important. Make sure your space is easy to move around in and first and foremost feels balanced — not necessarily symmetrical. Complement the visible weight of a large sofa with a pairing of accent chairs. Keep colors and tones balanced throughout the room by sticking to a simple color palette of neutrals and one to two accent colors peppered throughout. Finally, have fun with decor but keep it minimal. The less accessories you add, the more importance they have in the grand scheme of the design.

How do I decorate a formal living room?

Formal living spaces can be fun to decorate since they won’t be used all the time; feel free to try bolder colors or more delicate fabrics or furnishings that will add “wow” factor to your space for guests. As the centerpiece of the room, choose a modern sectional with a bold or playful design. Go colorful with the room’s additional furnishings — like a couple of modern purple chairs and sleek metallic light fixtures. This is also a great space to display your favorite pieces of art. Choose an oversized piece or opt for a gallery wall to spark conversation with guests. Finally, add a modern coffee table that pulls the look together; try the Madison Coffee Table that features natural stone with glass and chrome to blend modern and traditional elements in a new and beautiful way.

How can I design the living room with a low budget?

The best way to furnish a beautiful, unique space while on a budget is to pick and choose the features most important to you. Source an affordable rug and light fixture so you can spring for a beautiful statement coffee table. Or, recover your existing sofa so you can install an impressive modern chandelier. Buying just one statement piece can breathe new life into a space and elevate the look of more affordable pieces around it. When you choose contemporary

How do I make a small living room feel and look bigger?

Bright, neutral tones have a magical way of expanding a smaller space, making it feel larger than it is. Start with the walls; choose a white or light beige and remove dark or heavy window treatments to let in as much natural light as possible. Go for a mix of neutrals when furnishing your living room, too. Try a modern leather sofa in a cream color, and pair it with a modern leather club chair in a taupe color. Add a natural fiber rug and accessories in muted tones for an overall look that makes your room feel spacious and calm.

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