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Rustic Style Furniture: What is it?

When referring to furniture types, the term “rustic” can be pretty broad. In fact, you’ll see many different styles accepting the term to describe particular design elements. Most people probably think of rustic furniture in a Western or lodge setting. However, it can be included in many design styles, such as cottage, coastal, and Tuscan. So what exactly defines rustic furniture?

One of the most significant defining characteristics of rustic furniture is its focus on the natural element. Wood and stone are both prominent features of the rustic furniture style. There is an earthy, simplistic, and natural feel to the furniture.

What is rustic style?

Rustic style is defined by the use of earthy tones, neutral colors, bold lines, and organic textile materials. The rustic interior design style showcases a variety of textures from natural elements, such as wood and stone. Rustic style furniture uses simplistic designs to draw focus to the organic materials, rather than structure.

How to Identify Rustic Furniture and Decor

The belief in honoring beautiful basics is at the core of rustic style furniture and decor. As mentioned above, the focus emphasizes natural elements such as wood and stone. It’s a relaxed, unpretentious type of design that should feel welcoming.

The color palette of modern furniture focuses on being natural, swinging heavily into neutral colors and earthy tones. Many calming and traditional colors are used, such as browns, whites, beiges, and grays. Here are some more key features of rustic style furniture and decor:

  • Textual variety

    Solid woods with prominent grain, rugs made from animal hide or jute, and textured fabrics are all things you’ll see in a rustic space. Wood often has a rough texture, and can even be weathered. Natural textiles such as linen, wool, and cotton are commonly used.

  • Thick lines

    Unlike other popular designs, thick wooden furniture and couches with dark leather give a rustic element that is often described as “heavy.”

  • Simplicity

    The focus of rustic furniture style is often on the material, not the design, which makes the pieces simplistic. Instead of focusing on the actual structure of the furniture, the focus is on the materials.

Modern Dining Room Centerpieces for a Contemporary Home at San Francisco Design

Rustic Style: Inspiration for Your Design

At San Francisco Design, many of our pieces are versatile and can fit into many different design aesthetics. Here are our furniture recommendations that would fit into any rustic style:

Comfortable Modern Office Desk from San Francisco Design

Rustic Office Furniture Ideas

Our Mind Modern Armchair is a versatile statement piece. While it’s available in any fabric from our collection, this neutral textured upholstery means it can blend seamlessly into any rustic design. And it’s incredibly comfortable, to boot.

Are you looking for a rustic modern take on an office desk? The Modica Modern Wood Desk in natural walnut would like great in any rustic-themed office. With drawers and well-hidden storage space, it provides storage space and a rustic feel while still looking clean.

Modern Burned Oak or Canaletto Walnut Bed Frame & Headboard

Rustic Bedroom Furniture Ideas

The Sloan Floating Platform Bed is a beautiful contemporary rustic platform bed. The upholstered headboard design and floating bed style are versatile enough to fit into almost any design. Under-bed LED lighting elevates the bed and adds instant luxury.

The fine lines, beautiful wood frame, and simple lines of The Nelson Platform Bed make this bed a statement piece in any rustic bedroom. With an upholstered headboard that can be made from fabric, synthetic nubuck, micro nubuck, synthetic leather, or soft leather, it can be made in a wide variety of colors.

Savoy Leather Sofa on display

Rustic Living Room Furniture Ideas

One staple of rustic design is coziness and comfort, and it doesn’t get more comfortable than The Savoy Sofa. This rustic style couch is available in a wide variety of leathers and ultrasuede with hand-tied seating and feather-topped cushion.

Consider the Modern Nesting Coffee Table for a stunning coffee table that would look fabulous in your rustic design. Two round layers nest within one table, so you can spread it apart or slide it together as needed. Select from these three tabletop materials: antiqued brass-clad, copper-clad, and galvanized zinc.

Interior Design for Your Unique Taste

No matter your specific design style, many of the pieces at San Francisco Design can easily be incorporated into your home or business. Our team of interior design experts can help you pick out a piece or two, or totally revamp your space with a full-service interior design. Meet with our design team at Park City and Salt Lake locations for design services.

Don’t live in Utah? That’s no problem. With our e-design service, we can help you create an interior space within the comfort of your home, no matter where you live. Contact us today to get help picking out your new furniture and to get started on your interior design project.

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