The Crystal Dining Table

A Contemporary Glass Dining Table

Design: Carl Muller

The Crystal Dining Table is truly a table to fit any dining room. Available in different sizes and shapes of glass, each Crystal Dining Table is its own work of art. Whether you are looking for a rectangle-shaped glass or round top, the Crystal Dining table is the perfect contemporary piece to perfect your modern dining room. Options for interlocking steel uprights, champagne plating, or an elite powder-coated finish are available.

The Crystal Dining Table Options

  • Rectangle Top or Round Top
  • Champagne Plating or Powder Coating Finish

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Product Description

Crystal Dining Table

The Crystal Dining Table by Carl Muller is one of San Francisco Design’s timeless pieces. Available in different sizes and shapes of glass, it truly is a customizable dining table that fits any dining room. Whether you want a rectangle-shaped glass or round, the Crystal Dining Table has all the elements you need for a contemporary and modern dining room. You can also decide which interlocking steel uprights you want, champagne plating, or an elite powder-coated finish. The base plate is also available in any powder-coated finish. So, whichever options you choose, the Crystal Dining Table will provide a slightly modernized twist to your dining room thanks to its modern lines.

If you want this item in your home, we suggest calling us today for pricing and options. The Crystal Dining Table is currently in-stock and available for shipping today. You can also visit our Utah showrooms in Salt Lake City and Park City for an in-person view of the item. Whichever you prefer, we look forward to seeing how you style this piece in your home. You can also choose to work with one of our interior designers for help upgrading the design of your spaces, including your dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or your entire home. We specialize in modern and contemporary interior design. Contact us to learn more about the pricing and options of the Crystal Dining Table. We would love to help you customize it to perfection!