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Classic Interior Design Trends are Back in Style

Classic Interior Design Trends

Design experts continually look to the masses hoping to predict the up-and-coming trends. Most of the time, specialist publications do a great job rounding-up what is next on the docket. From modern furniture designs to contemporary twists, trends can be a hit or miss for many. However, sometimes the design industry can get so wrapped up in trying to create something “new” that we lose sight of the basics. In the middle of all new interior design remains classics that can be the backbone of some amazing and beautiful interior design.

Basic designs should always include a myriad of things: quality and durability. If a designer is innovating something, they should never sacrifice one for the other. Instead, they must hit the sweet spot where both quality and durability meet. Quality and durability rely primarily on the materials and how the design incorporates them in the final product. Also, if you hope to keep your freshly acquired piece for years to come, customers need products that stand the test of time.

Blue sofa as a focal point in a contemporary & modern living room

Which Classic Interior Design Trends Are Back in Style?

Along with their attractive designs, classic furniture and decor also respects the environment by lasting for many years. In your modern home, it’s a fun challenge to find ways to incorporate classic designs so they feel fresh in your space. For a roundup of classic looks that are still very much in style, keep reading.

Is Painted Furniture Still in Style?

One of the most common questions among homeowners looking to redo their interior design is, “Is painted furniture still in style?” Painted furniture had a resurgence over the past ten years or so, with modern farmhouse and shabby chic becoming some of the leading trends across the country. With these trends, painted and distressed furniture was popular. While painted furniture is still in style, specific trends within painted furniture are out, like faux-distressed furniture or chalkboard or matte paint. Look to folk-style detailing on painted furniture to increase in popularity over the coming years.

Is Tufted Furniture in Style?

Tufted furniture is a classic design trend that has been around for hundreds of years. After all, it’s versatile enough to be both modern and classic. Diamond-tufted furniture can add texture and sophistication to even the most simple furniture designs. These days, you’ll see tufted patterns on everything from mid-century modern sofas to classic sofas and sectionals.

Is Two-Tone Furniture in Style?

Two-tone furniture is another classic style that is versatile enough to be used in many applications. Many times, two-tone furniture is a combination of both painted and stained wood in one piece. Are you wondering, “Is two-tone furniture in style?” The answer is not black and white. We suggest treading lightly on this trend. Stick to modern or contemporary pieces, or the two-toned furniture can quickly look dated.

Is Wood Trim Coming Back in Style?

Wood trim is a classic design staple that can be incorporated into any design. From ornate crown molding to modern, sleek trim, wood trim is a design staple that will always be in style. If you have wood trim and feel like it’s a little outdated, try giving it a refresh with a new coat of paint. Adding some modern or contemporary furniture, new artwork, and accent pieces will also revitalize the space. With just a little bit of tweaking, classic wood trim can feel new again.

Are Accent Walls Still in Style?

While their styles may come and go, accent walls will always be popular because of their flexibility. To incorporate an accent wall into your space, simply paint your focal point wall a different color. We love adding wallpaper, wooden trim, paneling, or even creating an accent wall out of mirrors. The sky is really the limit here, and the possibilities are endless!

Is Black Furniture in Style?

From lighting fixtures and wall trim to paint entire walls, black is one of our favorite colors to use in design. The best part is that you can add black to just about any room without it clashing with your current style. This is especially true for homes that incorporate modernism or contemporary, as it adds a touch of minimalism without being too flashy. Incorporate black furniture as a strong focal point in a room or a small table if you want a little bit of black accent without it being overbearing.

Are Poufs Still in Style?

Often used as seats and footrests, poufs have been a staple in interior design, and it looks like they’re here to stay. A functional piece of furniture, poufs are minimalistic in design and can fit into living rooms of any size. We predict that pouf seating options will continue to evolve with their material, color, and pattern in the coming years.

Reinventing Classics to Stand the Test of Time

Let the experts at San Francisco Design help you find the classic pieces to incorporate into your space. Whether you need modern furnishings to update your home or want to add something special, we have a range of products to choose from. You can also shop from hundreds of furniture pieces to find the perfect addition for your living spaces. Come and visit our showroom or schedule an appointment with one of our interior designers to learn more.

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