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Couch vs. Sofa: What is the Difference?

What Is The Difference Between a Couch and a Sofa? - sofa vs couch - side by side comparison - couch vs sofa

Sofa vs. Couch

The journey to finding the perfect sofa can include a lot of questions. One that comes up repeatedly is whether you should use the term couch or sofa. You might hear a mother tell her kids to get off a couch. Another time, that woman could call that same piece a sofa. It is a tricky distinction that not everyone understands.

Many associate sofas with formal spaces and couches with more casual living rooms or family rooms. In the end, few people truly know the correct terminology for the couch and sofa. Should you say that you are sitting on a couch? Does a sofa look different than a couch? Will interior designers sneer at you if you say couch instead of sofa? Even if you say the right one, do you know why you say couch or sofa? Answering these questions will help you feel comfortable looking for a new couch or sofa. The interior design experts at San Francisco Design outlined each item’s origins and the subtle differences between the two in the breakdown below.

Let’s look at what you should know about couches vs. sofas and the difference between them.

Off-white modern sofa & modern living room furniture from San Francisco Design


What Is The Origin Of The Word ‘Sofa’?

The term ‘sofa‘ dates back to 2000 BC in Egypt and derives from the Arabic term ‘suffah,’ meaning wooden bench covered in cushions and blankets. Looking back at the original renderings of sofas will further clarify the definition. In those days, sofas were an exclusive luxury for the upper class. Then, the Romans started enjoying sofas in the form of chaise loungers. As time passed and the Industrial Revolution brought forth updated styles, designers started thinking of ways to appeal to the masses. Affordability and comfort took center stage, with ornate designs thrown to the wayside.

Modern-day sofas now incorporate comfortable fabrics and cheaper textiles for an updated design. A few designers who popularized the production of modern sofas include Le Corbusier and Charles Eames. Their sofas looked beautiful without sacrificing function. Today, sofa manufacturers are finding new ways of improving upon past designs. Some changes that have hit the industry lately include additional fabrics, improved leather tanning techniques, and advanced foam engineering.

tan modern leather couch in living room - sofa vs couch


History Of The Couch

The term ‘couch‘ stems from the French word ‘coucher,’ meaning to lie down. The history of this furniture item is the same as the sofa. The terms are interchangeable. However, most in the interior design industry rarely use the term couch but opt for a sofa.

So, are you wrong if you use the word ‘couch’? – No. A couch is something you lounge on, let your kids play on, and let your dog use it from time to time. It is a big, fluffy furniture item found in man caves and laid-back television rooms.

gray modern living room couch - contemporary sectional sofa in Salt Lake City Utah home - sofa vs couch

What Is The Difference Between a Couch and a Sofa?

The difference between a couch and a sofa comes down to style and function. You can associate sofas with formal living spaces and hosting opportunities. Sofas sit a few people rather than an entire family or group, and you probably wouldn’t use them daily. Couches are the opposite. You use your couch often for sleeping, watching television, and spending time with your loved ones. They can come in various sizes and styles, but they probably seat more than four people.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you use the word couch or sofa. Our designers advise that you try not to stress about it. If someone corrects you, take it with a grain of salt. The minuscule differences between the two might make a difference, but be confident in whatever word you choose.

Modern Blue Sofa in modern Salt Lake City Utah living room

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