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Expert Interior Design Tips

Beginning the design process can feel a little overwhelming. After all, there are so many design styles and beautiful items to decorate with; how do you create a relaxing and cohesive space that’s not too overwhelming? We’ve got a few expert interior design tips to share about the basics of creating a well-designed space. These designer tips are easy to follow and can be applied to almost any room of the house.

Use of Natural Color Scheme in Contemporary Interior Design Style

Start with a Natural Color

No matter which room you are designing or remodeling, make sure that you start with a neutral base. All of the colors ranging from cream to beige fit perfectly on the neutrality scale. A naturally-colored base gives you a lot of room to work with. Also, it opens up any space by reflecting the natural light pouring in from doors and windows. Conversely, darker colors can make a room appear smaller and limit your design later on down the road.

Use Varied Textures | Design Experts | San Francisco Design in Utah

Mix In Texture

Keep things interesting by adding different textures, patterns, fabrics, and finishes. This is one of our favorite interior design tips because you begin your design with a neutral color base, and you can play around with various accessories and other decorating elements. All good interior decorators will tell you that accent fabrics and accessories are a great way to add visually-compelling pieces that you can easily switch on when the trends change.

Modern Interior Design Tips | San Francisco Design | Furniture Store in Park City & Salt Lake City, Utah

Add Contrast and Depth

If you have ever been in a room that feels overwhelming, you know precisely why depth is crucial to professional interior design. However, it’s not only small spaces that need a sense of depth. Make your space more complex by adding contrasting elements, including contrasting hues, mirrors, layered fabrics, a different paint color, and minimalistic décor.

Increase Natural Sunlight | Expert Interior Design Tips | San Fran Design Luxury Furniture Store in Utah

Increase Natural Sunlight

While you might think shutting the blinds is the fastest way to a calm space, increasing natural light has more benefits than artificial light. Many homeowners close their curtains and switch on their lights. Do better by opening your blinds and windows more often. It will help you relax and get your body into its natural rhythm.

Use Plants & Greenery To Your Contemporary Office | Designer Tips | San Fran Design

Add Some Greenery

Greenery is a stylistic option for those wanting to increase positive energy in their homes. Not only can it help your mental space and productivity, but it enables you to breathe easier. Fortunately, some options work well for beginners who want a plant that is easy to maintain. For years, homeowners have added a plant and fresh flowers here and there, but nowadays, people are loading up on the home greenery. By adding a small collection into your space, you will get added style points and breathe a bit easier.

Basic Principles of Feng Shui |

Rearrange Your Feng Shui

Here’s a simple expert interior design tip: sometimes, you need just a simple furniture rearrangement to make things look and feel better. One of the classic methods of getting calm energy into your home is rearranging your pieces of furniture, such as sofas and coffee tables, using the Feng Shui method. While you don’t need to use the technical practice of Feng Shui, rearranging your furniture can give you more open space than before. By having less in one area, you will automatically feel more relaxed. Plus, extra clutter can keep your mind racing with thoughts of cleaning. Give your space the Feng Shui makeover and free up your space. It could be the key to unlocking your stress-free environment.

Create a Focal Point with Levels of Shelving | Contemporary & Modern Interior Design Tips from San Francisco Design

Create a Focal Point

Creating a focal point in any room is a key point of any interior home styling. Packing a space with a variety of wow items is a temptation, but it is also a risk. Not only does a well-put-together mantel provide you with the perfect place to play around with different pieces, but it creates an awe-inspiring focal point.

But creating a contemporary mantel can be tricky. If you overload it with accessories, it can quickly look overstuffed and challenge the eye. Keep it too plain, and a mantel could seem boring. That’s why bringing together the perfect balance of simplicity and uniqueness is how our interior designers style their professionally-crafted mantel designs. Here are a few of our tips for creating a jaw-dropping mantel:


The best way to start styling your mantel is by finding an item to focus on in your design. Whether it’s your favorite piece of artwork, a mirror, or a television, choosing one larger piece to center your design will make any mantel look professionally put-together. It is also great to include artwork that is special to you, even if you have had it for years. Adding it to your freshly-styled mantel will make the piece look brand new.


Smaller containers that fit on a mantel help add complexity to the design. Containers work well standing on their own, but are even better when filled with greenery or fresh flowers. You can also find a variety of small containers like patterned boxes and stack them on top of each other. These will add some complexity that every professionally-designed area needs.


Another element of a beautifully-styled mantel is creating levels to the design. Pick items that feature different heights and layers. If you use accessories that are one height, your mantel will look simple, no matter how many things you use. Use books, candles, vases, and mirrors that vary in size, shape, and height. Together, it will give them plenty to look at, so it stays interesting no matter how long you look at it.


No mantel is complete without a collection of unique accessories. Our designers suggest leaving this tip for the last step of your design. That way, you can find the spaces in your mantel that need something extra. You should also opt for special items, whether picture frames, keepsakes collected on memorable trips, or accessories that match your personality. We suggest keeping your mantel accessories to a minimum. The more you add, the more eclectic your mantel will look. Our interior designers use contemporary design rules and only suggest featuring 2-3 smaller items.

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Need more interior design help? At San Francisco Design, we’re here for any design questions you may have. Whether you’re designing a new house, redoing a house, or simply switching a few pieces out from a room, we can help you tackle it. Reach out to our interior design experts team today to get started.

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