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Leather Furniture FAQs

How long should a good leather couch last?

A high-quality leather couch, with the right maintenance and care, can last 25 years or more. Leather is an incredibly durable fabric and one that only gets more attractive with age. Investing in a quality leather sofa can be an excellent way to secure a statement piece for your modern living room that stands the test of time.

How do we choose high quality leather sofas?

First, consider your style: are you wanting a more traditional leather sofa or a bright and bold contemporary leather sofa? What color or shade works best for your current design or re-design inspiration? Finally, think about how long you’ll want this piece to last in your home. For the most longevity, choose something that will work well with future redesigns or interior design trends down the road. When in doubt, consider asking for a little design help from our Salt Lake City interior designers!

What are the different kinds of leather?

The process of making leather is unique and therefore several types of real leather exist, differentiated by where on the cowhide the piece came from and what processes occurred to finish it. Full-grain leather is the purest form of leather and is especially durable. Top-grain leather is also highly durable but is often more highly processed compared to full-grain leather. Genuine leather is sourced from the bottom of the hide but is often treated with a coating to appear like a top or full-grain leather. Finally, bonded leather is a faux leather, but is manufactured with bits and pieces of real leather and reshaped with plastic filler to appear more authentic.

Does San Francisco Design offer a warranty on leather furniture?

Varies by manufacturer. Contact your SFD sales associate for more details.

What is the average life of a leather sofa?

A leather sofa should last you up to 25 years or more, if taken care of properly. Maintenance includes regular cleaning and conditioning of the leather which keeps this natural material strong and supple while preventing cracking or fading.

How can you tell if a leather sofa is good quality?

Leather quality is important. Always check with your Salt Lake City furniture store to determine the type of leather a sofa with which a sofa was made. For the most durability and longevity, opt for full-grain or top-grain leather; this is leather sourced from the top of the cowhide and is well-known to be the highest quality for clothing or furnishings. You’ll also want to learn more about how the furniture was designed and assembled. Features like kiln-dried hardwood framing and high-density foam cushions (or even feather or down-filled cushions) are telltale signs that a sofa was built to last.

What type of leather furniture is most durable?

Full-grain or top-grain leather are the gold standard in high-quality leather. These leather varieties last the longest because they are sourced from the top of the cowhide where collagen strands are densely packed. This dense structure continues to offer unbeatable protection and durability for the leather long after its been treated and used as upholstery. Avoid “bonded” leathers as these are pseudo-leathers bonded with plastics that often only last a couple of years before ripping or cracking.

Will leather furniture crack?

Leather is a natural fiber and is susceptible to cracks as it ages. However, the right maintenance — including a high-quality leather conditioner — will reduce the odds your leather sofa or leather chair will crack. Clean and condition your leather sofa every 3-4 months. Also, keep it away from direct sunlight when possible. Not only will sunlight dry out the leather and increase the odds of cracking, but it will also cause the color to fade over time.

Why does leather furniture peel?

Most often, the “peeling” that happens on a leather chair or sofa is due to a low-quality, faux leather material. Bonded leathers or vinyls are notorious for peeling as the outermost plastic coating deteriorates over time. You can buy repair kits to seal the area and prevent more peeling from happening, but the only true way to avoid this frustrating issue is to invest in a quality leather furniture piece.

Can leather furniture be steam cleaned? Can it get wet?

Leather can be professionally cleaned with steam, but it’s best to leave it to a professional dry cleaner. Too much heat and moisture can cause high-end leathers to shrink and crack. In the same way, avoid getting your leather sofa wet when not cleaning or conditioning it. If a spill does happen, use a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 1 part distilled water to clean it quickly.

How do I clean leather furniture?

Plenty of leather cleaners are available on the market, but one of the best cleaners is a simple household staple: white vinegar. Mix a solution of 1 part vinegar to 1 part distilled water. Wet a microfiber cleaning towel and wipe down the leather in circular motions until the entire surface is damp. This is an incredibly effective, gentle, and natural cleaning solution that works wonders on natural leather upholstery.

Why should I choose to buy leather furniture?

Leather furniture is timeless — a modern sofa design in leather is a smart investment that won’t feel trendy in 5, 10 or even 20 years. Leather is also very comfortable, especially in the warm summer months. Leather maintains a cool and comfortable surface for lounging. Finally, real, quality leather is long-lasting; you can expect to get 25 years of enjoyment or more from your leather furniture piece.

What leather furniture is best?

The leather furniture piece that you love is the best piece for you! As long as you choose a high-quality leather, such as full-grain leather, the options are endless when it comes to colors, styles, and pieces available to you. Try something bright and daring like our Henley Sofa, or stick to a classic like the Conform® Air Chair. Our collection offers plenty of leather looks you’ll love.

Leather Furniture for Every Room In the House

Modern leather furniture is unique, rich, and beautiful. Here at San Francisco Design, we’re the leather experts! Your home can quickly transform with the addition of a few leather pieces. Our leather furniture comes from the most reputable leather vendors in the world. Whether you are looking for a leather couch, leather chair, or ottoman, San Francisco Design has all of the furniture you need. You can even come into one of our Utah showrooms and work with our interior designers to increase your knowledge about leather furniture. From cleaning leather to understanding good leather from bad, we are here to help.

We can explain the tanning process, leather grading, hide thickness, durability, and cleanability. Our designers have the knowledge you expect and can show you the luxurious leather furniture that can be yours for years to come. Please take a look at our online store to find a few of the things we have in-stock and ready to ship. You will find that our leather furnishings are some of the best in the state and even the country. You can also stop into one of our showrooms today to see our leather furniture in-person. Our furniture stores in Salt Lake and Park City have all the leather decor you need to make your dream home complete. Visit us today and get started on your journey to a newly updated home.

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