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3 Modern Luxury Dining Tables Perfect for Your Home

By March 2, 2021March 29th, 2024Furniture

Contemporary Dining Tables from SFD

Modern Luxury Dining Table with Glass Legs & Wood Tabletop

When you picture an elegant home, there are a few rooms that stand out. The entryway, living space, and kitchen are generally the few places to showcase the opulent style of the home. But the room that truly exudes sophistication and luxury? The dining room.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for the dining room to become the least-used space in the home — but it shouldn’t be that way! In fact, our expert modern interior designers say that the dining room should be a major focal point when designing your home. Not only is the dining room a great place to entertain guests and make memories, it’s one of the best areas to show off your unique design style and add an elegant flair.

If you are in the market for a luxury dining room table that displays your love for contemporary, today is your lucky day! Our Utah interior designers have gathered a list of their favorite elegant dining tables that will transform your dining space into a statement in class and refinement. Here are 3 modern luxury dining tables for your home:

The Ikon Drive Dining Table

Contemporary Dining Table with Glass Legs from San Fran DesignMade from a variety of dense, high-quality woods, the Ikon Drive Modern Dining Table is one of our favorite showstoppers! The combination of the wood tabletop and glass legs gives this piece a modern look unlike any other. Choose between Canaletto walnut, burned oak, or natural oak with irregular solid wood edges to customize this contemporary dining table to your preference. Whether you’re looking to

Not sure which luxury modern dining chairs would be best with this table? We have an answer for that, too! Our interior designers love to pair the Ikon Drive Table with the Alto High-Back Dining Chair for a modern addition or our ever-popular Arcadia Modern Dining Chair for a luxurious aesthetic. 

The Skorpio Modern Dining Table

Luxury Dining Table & Modern Dining Set from San Fran DesignAs far as contemporary dining tables go, this one stands apart. With clean lines, a geometric base, and a stunning beveled glass tabletop, we can guarantee you haven’t seen anything quite like this. Put simply, the Skorpio Dining Table is a modern masterpiece.

One of the unique aspects of this contemporary piece is that it can be customized in nearly every way. Choose between a metal base in titanium, white, black, graphite, embossed lacquered steel or brushed bronze lacquer steel. The top options include various shapes of ceramic, wood, & glass, or you can go the artistic route with the Skorpio Crystalart that offers a variety of decorative printed table tops.

Whether you’re looking for a modern table to be your dining room centerpiece or an elegant accent table, the Skorpio should be your first choice. 

Stratos Keramik Dining Table

Modern Luxury Dining Table with Geometric StyleYou’ve never seen a statement quite as bold as this. The Stratos Keramik Decorative Dining Table is a striking, beautiful, downright impressive piece of modern ingenuity. With a geometric metal base and a variety of tabletops to choose from, this contemporary dining table is perfect for any space. Available in 3 sizes with a multitude of materials and finishes, you can truly make this exquisite modern piece your own! Pair it with our Regal Modern Dining Chair for an elegant feel or try our Suite Leather Dining Chair for a softer, more traditional look.

If you’re ready to reimagine your dining room, San Francisco Design is the best place to start. Our selection of modern dining room furniture isn’t just state-of-the-art, each piece is exquisite, delicately designed and crafted to suit your elegant design style. There’s no better place to find luxury modern dining furniture than San Fran Design! Shop our upscale dining tables, dining chairs, and much more on our website, or visit our Salt Lake or Park City furniture store today to get stared!