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Should My Interior Designer Specialize in Mid Centry Modern Design?

Blue sofa as a focal point in a contemporary & modern living room

If you’re in the process of building a home or would like to renovate a space, you’re also likely in the process of searching for an interior designer. Each designer specializes in a particular type of interior design, so finding one that works with your style is essential. If you are interested in modern, mid-century, or contemporary design, you’ll want to consider hiring an interior designer specializing in mid-century modern design. In this blog post, we’ll discuss just a few reasons why.

Understanding Mid-Century Modern Design

First, let’s learn about the origins of mid-century modern design and its influence on the interior design world.

As a post-World War II style that emerged in the middle of the 20th century, mid-century modern was created almost out of necessity; designers wanted to develop innovative ideas to bridge the gap between mass production furniture and the era’s technology. Mid-century modern pieces are often characterized by their focus on clean lines, organic shapes, and gentle curves. This straightforward approach to design was welcomed as a way to provide simplistic, functional furniture instead of the frilly and ornate designs from decades before. Mid-century modern design is still embraced for its functionality and widely accessible design. As an interior design staple, many mid-century modern pieces are incorporated into many modern styles.

The Value of Specialization for Clients

Now that we understand a little more about mid-century modern interiors and design, what are the benefits of hiring an interior designer specializing in this style? Mid-century modern interior designers focus specifically on the client’s needs with an in-depth focus on specialization that results in creative solutions. Modern mid-century designers can also access unique products and resources to create customized styles.

midcentury modern dining tableAchieving a Cohesive Vision

When you hire a designer specializing in mid-century modern interiors, you’ll also hire a designer who can deliver a unified aesthetic. They understand the importance of incorporating color in interior design and how to use it effectively. Whether you’re planning on a complete mid-century design or would rather incorporate a few pieces into your style, interior designers can do this effortlessly by choosing the correct elements to incorporate. This focus on a particular style streamlines the design process for clients by utilizing professional interior design tips and knowledge.

Maximizing Investment

Generally speaking, interior designers who focus on mid-century modern designs make informed decisions based on their clients’ budgets while also focusing on finding quality pieces to perfect any space.

Some clients may hesitate to invest much of their design budget into mid-century modern pieces. After all, what happens if a client changes their mind or style a few years down the road? Luckily, thanks to their known quality and impeccable ergonomics, mid-century modern pieces have high resale values, giving clients a great return on investment if they change their minds.

Access to Exclusive Resources

Yet another benefit of hiring a mid-century modern designer is their exclusive access to unique pieces. Instead of purchasing the same mass-market-designed furniture available in many places, interior designers focus on finding pieces unique for your space and style. With exclusive access to mid-century pieces and artwork, interior designers can personalize many design elements. For example, your interior designer can customize many mid-century modern pieces to include the fabric, leather, or pattern you choose.

Case Studies and Success Stories

At San Francisco Design, we take great pride in providing our clients exactly what they need, including mid-century modern color palettes, patterns, and pieces. Here are a few of our recent success stories:

“We always enjoy shopping for furniture at San Francisco Design. We find unique furniture products that meet our design tastes. The service is always exceptional, and this time was no exception. Camille was fabulous! She met all of our needs, and her attention to detail enabled us to meet our critical delivery needs! Thank you!” – Kelly N.

“Jane was exceptionally helpful assisting my husband and I pick out a new sofa! She was fun and asked questions that enabled her to get a feel for our tastes and price range. She was a pleasure to work with! I look forward to working with her as we continue to update our home furnishings.” – Natalie F.

luxury midcentury modern cream couch and coffee tableFinding the Right MCM Designer

Searching for the right mid-century modern designer may seem daunting, but with a few simple tips, you’ll find a designer that suits your needs. First, ask friends and family who have used interior design resources for referrals. Word of mouth is often the best place to begin a search. Next, search online directories for mid-century modern specialists in your area. While hiring anyone across the country is easy, we recommend hiring someone local because they will better understand your environment.

Once you’ve narrowed your search, you can ask additional questions to pick the right designer, such as “How much do your services cost?” and “What are your priorities when working on a budget?” Focus on how they work with you and take note of their communication skills. After all, finding a designer who can focus on providing a collaborative experience is important.

The Search for Mid-Century Modern Designers Starts at San Francisco Design

As a leader in contemporary design and modern home furniture, San Francisco Design is your source for professional and knowledgeable interior design services. Our experts create custom designs to fit the unique needs of your space. We guide our clients through the design process as their partner, working hard to capture each client’s unique vision. You can find our professionals at our storefronts in Salt Lake City and Park City. And if you live across the country but want to benefit from our services? We offer e-design virtual interior design services that are a convenient option for many clients. Learn more about us by exploring our modern interior design styles or contacting us today.