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Design Trends: 2017

By February 20, 2018March 29th, 2024Category: Interior Design Trends

What is new for 2017?

First let’s talk about the color of the year, Pantone Greenery!

Contemporary Leather Reclining Sofa for a Modern Living Room

Greenery is a yellow/green, a color of freshness a color of renewal!

Perfect for renewing your home this Spring!! Now let’s talk the trends for 2017 to help you renew your space!

First, trend we will see this 2017 is BOLD wallpapers. Lots of color and lots of designs!

Modern Leather Sofa with extendable headrest The Morfeo Leather Contemporary Living room Sofa

Wallpaper can give your home a fresh kick, and with the new improvements in wallpaper engineering its a breeze to put up and take down!

The next trend we will see in 2017 is Comfortable Luxury, people want modern and comfort, the styles in 2017 will be a perfect unification of the two.

Down seats with clean frame design allow you to have all the comfort in the world while maintaining a chic modern home. Because our “living” rooms now a days truly are LIVING rooms. We eat, we sleep, we play and we party in our living room or great room. They are almost a multipurpose room, lets make them chic and comfortable!

And, finally we will continue to see the trend of ‘Mid-Century Modern’ grow. And I know the term gets thrown around too often but it is an easy way of describing this clean lined retro trend that has been growing over the past years. With this trend continuing we will continue to see also see the blending of mid-century modern with Scandinavian contemporary.

Brown Living Room Couch Brown Couch From Behind

2017 trends are fun, colorful, stylish and comfortable! What more could you ask from a year!? Stop in one of our showrooms to see how we can set your home up for a stunning 2017!

Thanks for reading,

Grey Couch With Recliner Section

Kelly; Owner & Designer!