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Everything You Need for the Perfect Guest Bathroom

By January 16, 2020March 29th, 2024Interior Design Tips

guest bathroom interior design ideas for a modern design

Sure, you perfectly designed your kitchen and main living spaces. You gave your master bedroom the dream makeover. Your downstairs even got the magic touch. But there might be an area in your home that still lacks that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’—your guest bath.

Guest baths rarely get the attention they deserve. As a smaller space in your home, guest bathrooms typically include a few essentials and lack a unique style. However, give your guest bath some extra attention, and it could tie your entire home together. In fact, you could find guests snapping a photo or two for their Instagram in the space the next time they’re visiting.

If you are ready to transform your current guest bathroom into the perfect room, here is everything you will need.

The Main Essentials

modern guest bathroom interior design

Chances are you already have all the essentials you need to get started on a guest bath remodel inside the space. However, if you are currently designing your new home, make sure you get the main appliances. You will need a toilet, sink, vanity, and mirror. You don’t need to swap out your current renderings to make a difference, but it could help. Whether you keep what you currently have or decide on something new, you can make your guest bath better than all of the rest.


Swap Out the Faucet and Hardware for Modernized Pieces

modern guest bathroom with modern mirror and vanity

Instead of getting an entirely new sink and vanity, you can save money by swapping out the smaller pieces for something more modern or contemporary. Try adding simplified hardware that leans towards an updated style. You can also get a new faucet that matches your current sink. Although this may seem like a small change, it truly can make all the difference.


Update Your Vanity

Another way you can save is by reconfiguring your vanity. Along with adding new hardware, you can paint your vanity. If you want something entirely new, you can check out a few of the latest pieces in the San Francisco Design showroom. Our experienced interior designers can make it easier for you to elevate your bathroom and leave guests in awe.


Make Sure the Mirror Matches the Updated Style

guest bathroom mirror design

Perhaps one of the best ways to make your guest bath stand out is by adding a new mirror. There are hundreds of options to choose from that range from simple to bold. Many of our designers love round mirrors that contrast the typical square-shaped vanities. You can find a mirror that matches your bathroom by visiting our showroom.


Add Wallpaper

Wallpaper is another great way to perfect your guest bathroom. The only thing worse than a dirty bathroom is a boring one. Wallpaper can completely transform the space in one clean sweep. Guests will love the added touch and might even be jealous that they don’t have the wallpaper in their homes.


Decide on Flooring

modern bathroom flooring

Flooring in your guest bath can take a turn towards the creative. Patterned tile really stands out in the space. Fortunately, it is also less expensive since the space is smaller than most. You can go for a colorful tile or a boldly patterned one. Whichever you choose, make sure it matches the rest of the space’s aesthetic.


Give the Space a Few Extra Touches

modern guest bathroom ideas with white accents

The last step in designing your guest bathroom is by adding a few luxurious touches. Adding a few extras like plush towels, hand lotion, scented candles, and other items can make the space more inviting for future guests. A few of our favorites add style points as well, including canisters full of Q-tips, toothpaste, and other hygiene items. You can also add some greenery to the space that will provide a breath of fresh air (whether it is live or faux).

For additional help perfecting your guest bathroom, contact San Francisco Design or visit our showroom. Our interior design team would love to help make your guest bathroom the best room in your house. Contact us today to get started.