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How to Combine Traditional and Modern Furniture: A Guide

By August 3, 2020March 29th, 2024Interior Design Tips

How to Combine Traditional & Modern Furniture | San Francisco Design

Sleek lines, minimalist décor, clean finishes, AND mixed-in traditional details? Combining traditional and modern furniture may seem like a challenging blend to perfection. However, when done correctly, the mixture creates a unique, multi-layered space.

One of the perks of blending traditional and modern interior design styles is developing a personal style that you won’t see in other homes. Unfortunately, the challenge intimidates most people. It’s a risk, but it is also a risk with a very high reward. Let’s discuss the basics of each interior design style so we can better understand how to mix the two for a cohesive design.

What is Traditional Style Decorating?

The traditional design is calm, orderly, and predictable. When you think about traditionally-styled interiors, think of comforting styles and classic designs. Your family home growing up might have even been styled in traditional furnishings. Traditional homes are somewhat casual, with every piece going together. It’s all about function and ease. Here are a few traditional design staples:

  • A mixture of vertical and horizontal lines
  • Muted fabrics that include small patterns, tone-on-tone color palettes, and understated textures
  • Mid-range colors that aren’t very dark or too light
  • An overall ambiance that is homey and comfortable
  • Wood furniture with a combination of straight and curved lines
  • Glossy white trim and molding
  • Matching furniture that features a simplistic look

What is Modern Interior Design?

Modern design is one of the most misinterpreted styles in interior design, with people often using it when defining contemporary design. The popular modern designs of today feature heavy textures, ornamentation, and contrasting elements. One defining component of modern design is its minimalistic touch. Modern designs heavily rely on a lack of fussiness. Think of clean lines, neutral colors, and boldly designed furniture. Here are a few modern interior design styles that most designers use in their spaces:

  • Modern furniture made from natural materials
  • Clean lines and simplistic hues
  • Metallic elements
  • Windows are usually left unadorned with an abundance of natural light
  • Heavy textures
  • Minimal accessories

Merging two unlikely styles could result in chaos if now planned out in advance. That’s why the interior design experts at San Francisco Design in Utah have put together a few tips to help you combine traditional and modern furniture for the perfect set-up.

Tip #1: Let One Style Dominate

Traditional and modern décor differ dramatically. That’s why the key to making the blend work is letting one style dominate the space. Decide which style fits your space best and let it rule your furniture choices. Then, you can blend a few items of the other style. Once you figure it out, you will either have a traditional space with modern accents or a modernized design with traditional pieces.

How to Combine Traditional & Modern Furniture | San Francisco Design

Tip #2: Consider Each Piece’s Visual Attributes

As you pick out furniture, look at each item in detail. Consider the visual attributes of the piece. What attracts you to the article? Do you admire the color? Texture? Shape? There is no wrong answer. By defining what draws you to each piece of furniture, you can find a way to weave your collection together. This will allow you to tie the styles together seamlessly.

How to Combine Traditional & Modern Furniture | San Francisco Design

Tip #3: Pick Harmony or Contrast

Another essential thing to consider is whether you want to create harmony between the two styles or contrast. Each has its benefits. However, balance creates a more calming look, while contrast creates visual excitement. By deciding which you want in your space, you can narrow down your choices.

How to Combine Traditional & Modern Furniture | San Francisco Design

Tip #4: Tie Items Together

As mentioned earlier, you want to find a way to tie pieces together to create an overall look and feel. While you could use contrast as your guiding light, you must find a balance between the two styles. A few ways you can tie the two interior design styles together is by using the same color, textures, patterns, or shapes.

How to Combine Traditional & Modern Furniture | San Francisco Design

Interior Decorating with San Francisco Design

If you need help pulling together a modern and traditional space, contact our team. You can also visit our online store for design inspiration and a look at our collection of modern and traditional furniture. We are here to help you make your space your own. Get in touch with us today to get started.