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How to Find your Signature Style for 2017!

By February 21, 2018May 14th, 2024Interior Design Tips

Contemporary Leather Sectional Sofa in Modern Living Room

What do you want your home to be? Do you want a serene retreat? An energetic, colorful space to entertain? An eclectic space to collect your treasures?

This may seem a daunting undertaking, but write down or collect magazine pictures of what inspires you. What colors, patterns, and styles do you gravitate to?

Modern Centerpieces for a Contemporary Dining Room
These are really great resources for tips and tricks!

Now you have the basics you need to start decorating!

Most will start with the sofa. What do you need the seating area for? A great room serves as the heart of the home next to the kitchen and dining area. Will you be watching TV? Doing homework or family projects? That will determine whether you need a sectional for optimal seating or a sofa and chairs.

Leather or fabric? Do you have pets or lots of young children? Leather is easy to care for and looks good for years. New fabric offerings of microfiber polyester imitate expensive luxury fabrics such as silk and linen, that is durable, cleanable, and give warmth to your space. Let us help you make the correct choice too!

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Don’t expect a new piece of furniture will complete your space. Pictures, accessories, plants, area rugs, and lighting are all essential elements to bring your personal style to the forefront.
Start 2017 with a visual focus and you’ll be so happy that you followed through to a beautiful new home that is a reflection of you!

Ikon Drive Modern Dining Table
Thanks for reading! Have some fun with the accessories in your home, they can really express your signature style!

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