How to Style a Contemporary Entryway

By January 28, 2020 June 24th, 2020 Interior Design Tips

Modern Wall Mirror with Glass Frame & Contemporary Design

The entryway of your home is the first impression visitors have of your home. Imagine walking into your neighbor’s front entrance and finding disorganized chaos. Chances are you would believe the rest of their house looked similar to the entryway, whether it did or not. It could also tarnish your opinion of the entire style of their space. If you hope to make an overwhelmingly positive lasting impression, then you should hone in on the design of your entryway.

Lately, our interior design experts are leaning towards a contemporary style. Contemporary home décor works well for the entrance of your home due to its timeless decorations. This popular style is calming and serene. Along with its psychological impacts, it also highlights the architectural details of your home, which works well for front entryways.

If you are looking for a contemporarily styled home entryway, here is the perfect recipe for designing it.


Focus on Simplicity

Simplicity, clean lines, plays on texture, and quiet drama are the fundamental elements that go into a contemporary design. Forget overcrowding the space with extra accessories and features. A contemporary style adds drama with statement pieces but reduces the amount of clutter in the area. Try finding minimal furniture and keeping things simple. With a reduced amount of design elements, you can save money with a cost-effective design or distribute your cash flow for long-lasting pieces that will pay off over time.

simple modern entryway design

Add Polished Fixtures

An exciting decision you will need to make for your new contemporary entryway is the light fixture. Most contemporary designers opt for polished fixtures that add a touch of luxury to the space. You can mix metals by adding in brushed nickel with black hardware and white metal accessories. Polished features and mixed metals will give you the added personality you want out of a space and allow everything to flow together throughout your home.


Use Soft Color Palettes

The color scheme of your front entryway makes a significant difference. Paint is an excellent way of setting the space apart from the rest. It also acts as a great starting point for the other elements of your home, including furniture and fixtures. Try using a softer color palette for a more contemporary style. A more delicate color scheme will draw visitors’ attention to the architecture and few style pieces of your home.

soft color palette modern entryway

Find Dimension

In contemporary entryways, the design of the interior is purposefully minimalistic. Unfortunately, without the accessories, most entrances don’t have the necessary design features. One way you can increase the style of the space is by adding dimension. Whether it is through contrasting colors or different-sized objects, dimension is a necessary element of any good design.


Include a Statement Piece

Just because a space is minimalistic doesn’t mean it should be boring. Instead of going overboard with a variety of statement pieces, focus on one or two. You can group a few mirrors together, add large artwork, or a unique entry bench or table to make the front entryway one-of-a-kind. You could also choose a light fixture that is more over-the-top than others thanks to the minimal canvas the rest of the area provides.

chandelier in living room

Try using these tips as a starting point for styling your contemporary entryway. It would help if you also tried adding structural elements like molding and exposed brick and pipes for added contemporary style.

For additional help putting your entryway together, get in touch with the experts at San Francisco Design. We would love to help you make your entryway the perfect entrance to the rest of your home.