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How to Style a Contemporary Entryway

By January 11, 2022May 14th, 2024Interior Design Tips

Modern Wall Mirror with Glass Frame & Contemporary Design

The entryway of your home is the first impression visitors have. Imagine walking into your neighbor’s front entrance and finding disorganized chaos: chances are you would believe the rest of their house looked similar to the entryway (whether it did or not). It could also tarnish your opinion of the entire style of their space. If you hope to make an overwhelmingly positive and lasting impression on visitors to your home, then designing a modern entryway is a great place to start.

Lately, our interior design experts have been leaning towards a contemporary entryway style. Contemporary home décor works well for the entrance of your home due to its timeless features and classic lines. This popular style is both calming and serene, a welcoming atmosphere when you arrive home after a long day. Along with its psychological impacts, it’s also effective at highlighting the architectural details of your home, which works well for establishing the style for the rest of your home.

Modern Entrance Hall Ideas For Your Utah Home

If you are looking for modern hallway ideas, here are some designer-approved ideas for designing a beautiful first impression for your home. Below, find links to our favorite modern contemporary hallway furniture as well as simple tips and tricks to elevate your space.

Focus On Simplicity

Simplicity — with clean lines, subtle plays on texture, and quiet drama — is the fundamental element that identifies contemporary design. Forget overcrowding the space with extra accessories and features. A contemporary style uses fewer statement pieces which reduces the amount of clutter in the area without sacrificing drama. Try finding minimal furniture and keeping things simple. For example, our Westin Console is a piece of contemporary entryway furniture that features diagonal lines which draw your eye to each corner of the piece, yet it doesn’t feel bulky or busy. Customizable finishes, colors, and tones mean it can adapt to any color scheme. simple modern entryway design

Hang a bold piece of modern art above and use a large contemporary tray to gather keys, wallets, and bags. That’s all you need to accomplish both form and function in your entryway. We love the Titanium Wall Clock for a fresh spin on a traditional design. It’s especially great in small spaces. The mirrored finish — in a smoke gray or antique mirror — can help give the illusion your entryway is larger than it is. 

Or, add the Rex Ottoman as a stylish and comfortable place to take off shoes or drop a coat. Its spacious seat is incredibly comfortable, and its squared metal frame is a modern finish that will complement any contemporary entryway. 

Another bonus of reducing the number of design elements in your space is the ability to save money on fewer pieces that last longer and will pay off over time.

Add Polished Fixtures to Entryway

The main light fixture is an exciting decision you will need to make for your new contemporary entryway. Most modern designers opt for polished fixtures that add a touch of luxury to the space. You can mix metals by adding brushed nickel with black hardware and white metal accessories. Polished features and mixed metals will give you the added personality you want out of a space and allow everything to flow together throughout your home.

One of our all-time favorite fixtures is the Stella Chandelier. With its subtle glamour and starlight design, it can be hung individually or grouped in larger quantities depending on the size of your space. Either way, it delivers a show-stopping moment in your contemporary home entryway. 

If a chandelier doesn’t work in your space, try a modern table lamp like our Beam Lamp. It’s slim lines and industrial aesthetic complements bolder, more colorful pieces in your contemporary hallway space. On top of an entryway table, its slender profile leaves plenty of room for other accessories.

soft color palette modern entryway

Use Soft Color Palettes

The color scheme of your front entryway makes a significant impact on the mood your guests will pick up on from the moment they walk in. Paint is an excellent way of setting this pivotal space apart from the rest. It also acts as a great starting point for the other elements of your modern entryway, including furniture and fixtures. Try using a softer color palette to bring a sense of calm to the space and leave more opportunities to “wow” through furniture and fixtures. A more delicate color scheme will draw visitors’ attention to the architecture and bold design pieces of your home.

For cooler tones, we recommend colors like Wedgewood Gray, Timber Wolf, or Super Nova. For something a little warmer, try Paisley Pink, Mountain Peak White, or Hazelnut Cream.

Tuck the Aaron Chair next to your entryway table as a comfortable place to pull on boots or take off a jacket. When finished with cream-colored leather, it offers a soft neutral backdrop you won’t tire of easily.

Find Dimension in Your Entryway

Contemporary entryway interior design is purposefully minimalistic. Unfortunately, without the right accessories, most entrances won’t feel complete. One way you can increase the style of the space is by adding dimension. Whether through contrasting colors or different-sized objects, dimension is a necessary element of any good design. Look for exciting scale, color, or texture when choosing modern accessories. If you need more modern hallway ideas, look to the experts at San Francisco Design for help selecting one-of-a-kind accessories that make your space feel layered and more interesting.

Unique Modern Wall Mirror for contemporary entryway

The Olio Mirror is a beautiful accessory piece from Glassisimo that works as a functional hanging mirror and art display piece for the contemporary home.

Include a Statement Piece in Your Hallway

Just because a space is minimalistic doesn’t mean it should be boring. Instead of going overboard with various colorful, busy, or large pieces, focus on just one or two. They’ll pack much more of a creative punch when surrounded by more muted items. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box — a statement piece doesn’t have to be a painting or chair. It could be new structural elements like molding or exposed brick and pipes. Or maybe, it could be a modern glass-paneled front door or new, oversized windows to bring in extra natural light. 

If you’re ready to make an impact with furnishings, try to group a few mirrors together, hang an oversized piece of artwork, or add an ultra-modern table to make the front entryway one-of-a-kind. You could also choose a light fixture that is more over-the-top than others, thanks to the minimal canvas the rest of the area provides.

Our collection at San Francisco Design isn’t short on “wow-worthy” pieces. For oversized entryways with vaulted ceilings, go big with your entry table to fill the space; try the Neolitico Modern Glass Table that doubles as a contemporary art piece.  Hang the Olio Mirror close to the door for last-minute touch-ups. When guests arrive, it doubles as a beautiful wall hanging that feels luxurious and completely unique.

Modern Hallway Design Ideas From San Francisco Design

If we’ve convinced you of the value of a contemporary entryway, let our team help you bring it to life! From furniture, paint, and accessory selection to renovation and architectural detail ideas, our accomplished interior designers can work with you to create something unforgettable. 

For additional help putting your entryway together, get in touch with the experts at San Francisco Design. We would love to help you make your entryway the perfect entrance to the rest of your home.