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Color & Contemporary Design: All About Modern Color Theory

Trending Color Palettes for Your Home

This year’s interior design trends have already proven to be exactly what we need post-2020. Modern and contemporary designers are putting a focus on making the home a sanctuary from the rest of the world. Color psychology suggests that the paint colors of your home have an impact on your mood. So what feelings do you hope to experience every time you walk in the room after a long day of work? With an emphasis on creating a calming space for peace and healing, these contemporary color palettes are sure to cultivate the right environment for you. After all, a dream home isn’t just about what you see — it’s about how it makes you feel.

Warm Neutrals + Blush Pink

warm neutral color palette from San Francisco Design

This contemporary color palette is designed to create a warm and inviting aura. Featuring shades of white and taupe with yellow and pink undertones, guests are sure to feel right at home. Those spaces that have always been reserved for a classic white shade are now being introduced to the latest addition to the palette — blush pink. Adding light, neutral colors adds depth the room and compliments nearly any shade of decor.

We also recommend pairing these colors with dark furniture pieces for a bold accent color. This stark contrast will energize your space and increase depth.

A decorative dining or coffee table. Stratos Keramik Dining Table in contemporary design

The Stratos Keramik Dining Table

the Wolf Mid Century Modern Sofa is a beautiful statement of Italian Design.

The Wolf Mid Century Modern Sofa

Green leather contemporary style modern recliner chair

The Verona Recliner

The Barcelona Chair is sophisticated, elegant, and sleek. Great look and very comfortable. This beautiful mid-century modern classic has the style and sophistication you have been looking for.

The Barcelona Chair & Ottoman


Textured Earth Tones

Textured earth tone color palettes

Following closely behind the neutrals trend is a palette of earth tones with a contemporary twist — and it’s all about texture. Adding texture over these natural tones instantly inspires the “wanderlust” in all of us with its echos to classic European interiors. There is also something to be said about selecting colors that are found in nature. Find a sense of calm and connection as you welcome this contemporary color and texture design into your modern home. We suggest selecting furniture that features a light, natural wood design to complement the deeper earth tones.

This bookcase is the perfect modern furniture for a bedroom, home office, or living room. Our designers love this mid-century modern bookcase to highlight any space, big or small.

The Piquant Contemporary Bookcase

The DNA modern dining room table. Contemporary style dining room furniture with earth tones

The Modern DNA Dining Room Table

transformable coffee table has a metal structure, wooden top and seat with legs in glass. The coffee table opens up with a self-braking gas lifting mechanism. Once lifted, part of the coffee table becomes a bench.

The Markus Transformable Coffee Table


Green Tones

Welcome some color into your home with shades of green this year. This contemporary design paint color is versatile and accommodates both to those who love color and those who fear it. If you generally prefer neutral tones but want a little extra color, we suggest a light and neutral sage green. For those looking for a bold or loud color palette, we recommend choosing a brighter shade of green, adding a complimentary color like pink or red-orange to the mix, or even a combination of both. From light airy palettes to dark and daring ones, this color can accomplish it all.

Add warm neutral furniture pieces to tie the room together with a refined, classic look.

The Karl Mid Century Modern leather sofatransformable coffee table has a metal structure, wooden top and seat with legs in glass. The coffee table opens up with a self-braking gas lifting mechanism. Once lifted, part of the coffee table becomes a bench.The Sloan Floating Platform Bed and Headboard takes contemporary bedroom design to the next level. With an upholstered headboard design, adjustable legs, and floating bed style, as well as under-bed LED lighting, the Sloan Floating Bed adds the perfect amount of luxury to your modern home.