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Made In Italy

By August 14, 2018January 23rd, 2023Furniture

Italy is synonymous with beauty and style; from master artists, timeless architecture, and iconic fashion. Italy is recognized as a worldwide trendsetter and leader in design.  Italian products are highly specialized, crafted with the highest quality materials, and often made by hand.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Furniture from San Francisco Design

Italian products are elegant, luxurious, and timeless!

While many companies fled to China to produce the “made in Italy” look, we choose to partner with brands that are made in Italy, ensuring continuous control over the quality of products that encompass the creativity, expertise, and skills of Italian designers and craftsmen.

Our new “Loft” is curated to showcase the Italian Look. We have handpicked pieces that represent the best of “Made in Italy” and have showcased them in two studio apartments. By displaying the loft this way we feel it makes the Italian vision easier to achieve. We hope you enjoy our new space and are saying Belissimo! To our new space and our new products.

A way of integrating Italian style into your home is to choose your focal point for the room. It may be a luxe leather sofa and coffee table or a marble dining table and sleek chairs. Blend with curated objects you love to achieve a one-of-a-kind room.


Dining Table Made in Italy

Made In Italy Dining room Set

If you are looking for help achieving this look or if you need design advice, space planning, or custom services, SFD is excited to be a part of your journey to help you to realize your unique vision.

Upholstered Modern Bed Frames from San Francisco Design

Contact us today to get started! We look forward to seeing you soon.