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Modern Kitchen Essentials

By October 24, 2019May 14th, 2024Interior Design Tips

modern kitchen interior design ideas

A kitchen sets the tone for your entire home. As the hearth of the house, you should create a kitchen that speaks to you. Selecting your kitchen décor may sound challenging, but as you narrow down your style and needs, it is a lot easier than you might think. Modern kitchen design usually incorporates clean lines, efficient features, and a low level of extraneous adornment or customization. If this is the type of kitchen design you are looking for, San Francisco Design is here to help!

Our interior designers are here to help you discover all the modern kitchen essentials you need. From specialized items and floor plans to furniture pieces and smaller accessories, here is everything a modern designer uses in their kitchen plans.


Open Concept Floor Plan

Modern kitchen design with barstools

The days of segmented interior floor plans are over. Modern design is notorious for popularizing the open-concept home. These spaces open up the main living area and kitchen for a spacious and free-flowing layout. When visitors walk into your kitchen, they should be presented with all of its individual elements at once. A kitchen can have all the right ingredients for a modern design, but they won’t be tied together properly without the proper layout to accommodate them.

Fortunately, if you don’t have an open concept floor plan, there are ways you can minimize your space for a better feel. Before you call a contractor for an expensive overhaul, try adding other minimalistic elements for a simplified style. Our interior decorators can work with you finding all the big and little pieces you need for a modernized kitchen.


Sleek Countertops

Modern kitchen set with neutral colors

If you want your home to stick out for its modern design, the kitchen countertops are crucial. New homeowners should take the time considering which countertops and cabinets complement their space. Homeowners re-designing their kitchen can work with an expert finding a style that works in their current area without clashing with it. Either way, you must find the right countertop for your space that promises a long future.

If you have a larger budget that allows you to splurge, there are several options stone, including marble, granite, and quartz. There are also more budget-friendly options include ceramic tile, wood, or stainless steel. Whichever countertop you opt for, you should select a countertop with the right look, feel, and modern finish, regardless of the price tag.


Sophisticated Flooring

Modern kitchens require the right foundation to match the entire room’s aesthetic. As with the other major design elements in your kitchen, your flooring material should suit your home. Similar to the countertop, you should search for the option that fits your budget, yet promises a healthy return of style and sophistication. Many homeowners are currently using vinyl flooring that looks expensive, yet it is a very cost-effective choice. If you have a larger budget, there are also engineered hardwood options that typically work well in modern kitchen design.

If you don’t have the budget for a flooring makeover, re-finishing your current space can also elevate your design. Along with your flooring, there are rugs and other accessories that can complement your space while also taking the design to the next level. Visit the San Francisco Design showroom to discover the flooring, rugs, and other kitchen essentials your space needs.


Upgraded Lighting

Modern counter stools recessed and overhead contemporary lighting

Many homeowners looking for a change in their kitchen design use light fixtures as their jumping-off point. Your lighting fixtures can be easily swapped out with upgraded lights that fit with a modern design style. Since your lights are a hanging fixture, they stand out to onlookers. Choose lighting that matches the hardware, pairs with the other significant elements of the room, and compliment the overall aesthetic.


Open Shelving

One of the latest ways interior designers are modernizing the kitchen space is by adding open shelving. Along with increasing additional space for accessories, cookbooks, kitchenware, and other fun kitchen pieces, these shelves open up the space and make it appear brighter. Open shelving also adds extra storage space, is easy to clean and organize, and is an inexpensive way of transforming a space.


Modernized Furniture

Dark Gray Contemporary Bar Stools for a Modern Kitchen

As you design your modern kitchen, you should look for furniture that perfectly pairs with the style of the space. Opt for kitchen furniture with a simplistic design that helps add to the consistency in your style and design. The modern pieces typically have less adornment, but they play with lines, textures, and materials in a new and exciting way. While this doesn’t mean you must only use basic-colored furniture with white, black, and gray colors, those hues are often a preferred color scheme for modern designers. However, using bold colors on your kitchen furniture could also give you a striking modern punch that adds contrast to your space.


Minimalist-Style Accessories

modern minimalist style kitchen accessories

Modern kitchen spaces are often simple, practical, and straightforward, which allows you to rely on accessories for adding visual interest, color, and style to your space. As you look for the smaller design elements for your modernized space, look for accessories that are sleek and simple. Small appliances can create a contrast to the angular designs of your countertops and cabinets. You can also use bolder colors in these accessories for additional style and substance. Many manufacturers offer colorful mixers, toasters, blenders, and coffee makers in flowing, clever designs that often blend modern and vintage style perfectly.

You can also find cookware, utensils, and flatware that equally express a modern design aesthetic. Our team can help you find the cooking and serving accessories that work as objects of design and art like the rest of your kitchen accessories. Many of these pieces offer uniquely contemporary craftsmanship with bold colors that suit modern kitchen designs. You can also find artwork to add to your space that adds visual interest and create a conversation piece at mealtimes.


For additional help decorating your modern kitchen, contact San Francisco Design or visit our showroom. Our team would love to help you find the perfect pieces for your space.