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New Trends in Modern Furniture

By May 14, 2020March 29th, 2024Interior Design Tips

Modern Leather sectional natural stone table linen pillows and rug
Modern furniture is a staple in our showroom for good reason. Spaces styled with a modern flair feel bright and inspiring. It’s a look that seems to keep onlookers interested no matter how many times they see it. Whether it is natural wood cabinetry, subtle color palettes, or dreamy upholstery-covered chairs, modern furniture is one of the best options for homeowners looking to update their space.

An added benefit of modern interior design? There are a variety of trends within the style to keep your space looking new and fresh, no matter which pieces you add. Plus, every room can fit the same modern aesthetic while staying on-trend—kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and everywhere in-between.

Our team of interior design experts collected a list of the latest trends in modern furniture, so you can keep your space full of the latest and greatest the style has to offer. Here are a few modern furniture trends to keep your eyes on this upcoming year.

Menswear-Inspired Furniture Styles

Menswear Inspired Modern Contemporary SofaOne of the latest trends hitting the modern interior design scene is heavily influenced by menswear. Think industrial, leather upholstery, dark woods, and subtle textures. Another vital element to menswear-inspired furniture is the combination of classic neutral color palettes, texture, and subtle patterns. In our opinion, this style looks best in the bedroom and living room.

Natural Furniture Materials

Natural leather and reclaimed wood walls and dining table from San Francisco DesignModern interior design puts great emphasis on natural materials. Make this element the focus of your furniture choices by picking pieces that are stylish and eco-friendly. There are plenty of options to choose from, but a few that our interior designers lean towards sustainably-grown wood, rattan, bamboo, and reclaimed woods.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-Functional Modern Furniture & Sofas from San Francisco DesignIf you live in a smaller home, you can easily benefit from hopping on the multi-functional modern furniture trend. These pieces provide style and function in one fitting package. Look for furniture that fits your needs best. Some new designs that work best include hidden storage cabinets, charging ports, or flexible add-ons you can use as needed

Upholstered Bed Frames

Upholstered Modern Bed Frames from San Francisco DesignMany homeowners are applying this trend to bedrooms: guest, master suite, kids’ rooms—you name it. Swap out your wooden bed set for an upholstered bed frame or headboard. It’s a classic look that kicks the comfort level up a notch. You can find these bed frames in velvet, linen, and leather varieties.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Furniture from San Francisco DesignChances are you know a thing or two about mid-century modern furniture. It’s currently one of the most popular design styles, and it’s here to stay. Mid-Century modern furniture designs heavily favor sleek lines and bold colors. Try incorporating pieces that feature unique patterns, rich wood grain, and texture to bring this style into your living room, kitchen, or den.

Artisan-Inspired Designs

Artisan handcrafted leather and iron chair from San Francisco DesignArtisan styles are making their way from local cafes to professionally-designed homes. Mix and match furniture for a creative blend that better matches your aesthetic. Some of the pieces our interior designers come back to time and again feature handcrafted elements, natural elements, and a vintage-inspired style.

Intricate Metal Furniture

Modern & Contemporary Metal and Glass Tables from San Francisco DesignThe last trend making waves in modern interior design is metalwork. However, unlike metal furniture pieces from the past, this style incorporates curves, right angles, and an abundance of intricate details. You can add these pieces to any area of your home for extra visual appeal, whether it’s a floor lamp, a bookcase, or shelving.

Modern Furniture at San Francisco Design

Find everything you need to keep your home on-trend at San Francisco Design. Our showroom has numerous pieces to choose from, no matter what you need. You can also receive insight from our group of talented interior designers. Contact us or visit one of our Utah showrooms for more information.