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Three Reasons You Should Stop By Our Salt Lake City Furniture Store Today

By October 4, 2021March 29th, 2024Furniture, Salt Lake City

Fussy. Tired. Outdated. Do these terms describe your interior space? Or are you building a new custom home and want your furniture designed specifically for you? Perhaps you’ve decided to remodel and you have a vision that includes contemporary modern furniture but would like help with the design.

If so, you need to stop by our Salt Lake City furniture store for a refresh and see how our contemporary, modern furnishings can give your interior the lift it needs. At San Francisco Design, we have modern furniture pieces that can be customized to your specifications. If that’s not reason enough to visit our store, here are three more excellent reasons to stop by.

Salt Lake City Furniture Store | Modern Dining Set at San Francisco DesignOur Modern Designs Are Trending In Interior Design In 2021

Today’s contemporary interiors call for natural looks utilizing a mix of wood, steel, glass, and stone. These trends aren’t slowing down as people look to bring a sleek, shiny feel to their space while still echoing outdoor elements. Add in a pop of color and graphic art, and your new interior will have the year’s look. Plus, with modern, contemporary pieces anchoring your design, you can refresh your vibe each year with simple accessories and save on a total overhaul.

Light, airy rooms with large windows are being incorporated into new builds everywhere. Our contemporary couches and bedroom furnishings are the perfect complement to these designs. They provide comfort but still give your room the lift it needs without weighing down the vibe with overstuffed furniture.

In our dining rooms and office spaces, sleek lines and contemporary finishes give your space the structure it needs to feel sophisticated and warm at the same time. Customize all of our modern furniture to match your flooring and the architectural elements of your home for a finished look.

SLC Furniture Store | Modern Furniture at San Francisco DesignMulti-Use Modern Furniture For Form and Function

The pandemic highlighted the deficiencies of our living spaces when our bedrooms and dining rooms converted into offices and school desks. We began paying attention to surfaces that could be easily sanitized and cleaned. Now that flextime and remote work is de rigueur, your modern furniture may need to pull double duty while keeping your family safe. Your new furniture should have easy-to-clean surfaces where germs can’t linger.

With multi-use modern furniture such as our extendable dining room tables, you can temporarily expand your workspace and quickly return the room to the original format. Or, utilize our stylish computer stands and home work stations for a productive day at your home office. For maximum comfort, blend soft seating such as our couches with our ergonomic office chairs and rotate to each throughout the day.

As you re-style your rooms to accommodate your new work-life situation, visit our SLC furniture store to peruse your options and determine which set-up best fits your needs.

In House Interior Design Expertise

If you need assistance with balancing the look and feel of your space, our interior design experts are on hand to consult on your choices. Perhaps you have an unusual floor plan or room that is difficult to plan. Or, you have a vision but can’t seem to pull together the concepts.

Our team comprises interior design experts that can help you customize your furniture and space. We’re available to meet in your home or in one of our showrooms in Salt Lake City or Park City to go over architectural drawings and plans. If you are building a custom home or remodeling, we can help you design your space from the inside out.

Visit Our Showroom And Salt Lake City Furniture Store Today

Our Salt Lake store is conveniently located at 2970 S. Highland Drive. We offer a wide selection of modern contemporary furniture that can be customized to match your preferences. Plus, our interior design experts are available and can schedule an in-home visit to craft your new space.

Visit our Salt Lake City furniture store today to see what San Francisco Design can do for your refresh, remodel, or new home. Or, if you’d like to schedule an appointment at one of our showrooms or an in-person visit, contact us.