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Three Things to Look for in a Modern Sleeper Sofa

By February 2, 2021March 29th, 2024Furniture

Comfort Sleeper Modern styling from San Francisco DesignWhen homeowners need to save space, American Leather’s Comfort Sleeper sofas offer a three-for-one package of style, convenience, and comfort. As the name implies, sleeper sofas double as a bed and couch. It is the ideal solution when you need a place to sleep at night and somewhere to lounge during the day.

These versatile sofas work well in various locations, whether you live in a studio apartment with limited square footage or have extra space in your home. Many homeowners even use sleeper sofas as living room furniture in their guest or recreation rooms, giving young kids and guests a place to rest. 

Glancing at the benefits of sleeper sofas makes it obvious why sleeper sofas are rising in popularity in the interior design market. The increased demand for sleeper sofas have brought forth innovative designs with sofas outfitted in everything from traditional to contemporary sleeper sofa styles. 

Whatever style you prefer, you can find the exact price, shape, size, and materials you are looking for in a sleeper style. The variety of choices can make shopping for a sleeper sofa a challenge for many homeowners. 

To help you on your quest for the perfect modern sleeper sofa, the San Francisco Design interior designers compiled a list of the top three things to look for as you shop.  

How to Find the Perfect Modern Sleeper Sofa for Your Home

High End Sleeper Sofa - Blue Leather Sleeper sofa in Living RoomModern sleeper sofas transform the traditional, often lumpy sofa bed into a stylish hideaway sofa that provides a comfortable and restful night’s sleep for your guests. These furniture pieces provide the convenience you need to entertain during the day and then transform your space at night by unfolding the hidden mattress underneath the sofa’s surface. 

Your guests won’t complain about discomfort with these modern sleeper sofa mattresses. American Leather Comfort Sleeper mattresses range from plush to firm, depending on your preferences and do away with the myth that sleeper sofas are hard and uncomfortable. If you are ready to find a modern sleeper sofa for your home, here are the factors you should consider along the way.   

Pick the Right Size

Gray Modern Sleeper Sofa in Living Room with Contemporary Accent ChairsHigh-end sleeper sofas come in a wide variety of options, with mattress sizes that range from twin to king sizes. Before you start shopping for sleeper sofas, measure where you intend to place the sofa bed. Strike a balance between filling the space and overwhelming it. 

Our interior designer’s rule of thumb when assessing space allows for plenty of space even when your modern sleeper sofa is unfolded. If you want to avoid moving furniture every time you use your sofa bed, pick a spot that includes extra space for moving around the sofa. 

For example, apartments when limited space works well for twin- and full-sized sleeper sofas. These furniture pieces comfortably fit one guest but may also accommodate two when necessary. If you are using your modern sleeper sofa regularly, consider upgrading to a larger model, such as three-seat sofas with queen mattresses.  

Evaluate the Bed Frame and Mattress

Modern Sofa Bed in Contemporary Living Room with Layered Rug and Accent ChairForget the uncomfortable sleeper sofas you slept on at a hotel. High-end sleeper sofas offer comparable comfort to traditional bedroom sets with innerspring and memory foam mattress options. You should carefully evaluate the bed frame and mattress to ensure maximum comfort. 

The most desirable bed frame material is durable and least likely to break. One of the most popular options is kiln-dried hardwood because of its strength and sturdiness. The bed frame should also unfold in a complete, full-motion with lockdown bars to ensure proper closing and opening.

Once you assess the bed frame, determine which mattress works best on your sleeper sofa. Many homeowners choose innerspring mattresses for their extra back support, while others prefer memory foam’s plush surface. 

If you want the best of both these options, an air-coil hybrid mattress is a great choice. This mattress combines innerspring technology with an airbed surface on top. If you want to maximize softness, add a foam topper to enhance the comfort of whichever mattress lies beneath.   

Focus on Materials

Modern Sleeper Sofa - Leather Modern Sofa BedThe final step in your sleeper sofa journey is deciding which material matches your aesthetic best. Modern sleeper sofas typically feature a sleek appearance with smooth lines and classic materials. Leather sleeper sofas are a popular choice for many homeowners styling their space in the modern style. However, upholstery can look just as luxurious.  

You can narrow down your choice by working with the interior designers at San Francisco Design. Modern sleeper sofas from San Francisco Design are always popular among our buyers. Renowned for our sofa designs, American Leather’s Comfort Sleeper sofas are crafted from the finest materials, built to last for years to come. These sofas are also easily disassembled, making them the perfect option for small spaces. 

You can find modern sleeper sofas in dozens of upholstered designs with every color and fabric imaginable. No matter which San Francisco Design modern sleeper sofa you select, you can rest easy knowing that our high-end sofas offer both quality and style. 

Shop our sleeper sofas today!