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Top 5 Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

By May 30, 2019May 14th, 2024Interior Design Tips

Modern Living Room Sofa and Accent Furniture as Statement Pieces in Your Contemporary Living Room

If you are beginning your journey designing the interior of your home, chances are you could have hit a few roadblocks along the way. Even experienced interior designers come against complications every once in a while. Fortunately, there are some methods to help keep your creativity in check as you create a home. These include avoiding a few of the most common mistakes homeowners and designers make while they are designing a home.

To help you design a space that turns out as beautifully as your first imagines, here is our list of the top five mistakes you should avoid.

Interior Design Mistake #1: Not Matching Your Design to the Space

Natural Modern Living Room Furniture, Sofas, Tables, and Chairs from San Francisco Design

Forgetting to take the time to space plan can leave you with furniture that doesn’t git the size of your room. Space planning is a crucial step that you should consider throughout your design process. If you neglect to spend the necessary time measuring the room and the pieces that you buy for the space, then you could end up in a tizzy.

But space planning involves much more than just measurements. Designing and planning for a space includes organizing a room to improve functionality. If done correctly your design should allow traffic to flow smoothly with furniture and accessories all scaled appropriately.

To start space planning, begin by measuring the square footage of the space, walls, surface area, and more. Make sure that you include architectural elements like windows, arches, and built-ins.

Interior Design Mistake #2: Too Little Light

Modern and contemporary living room sofa and Chair

Lighting is one of the key elements of good interior design. However, it is often the most forgotten. If you want your space to wow visitors and be a comfortable setting for your family, you must make sure that every area has different levels of lighting.

Generally, lousy lighting equates to using only one source of light for an entire room. Adding layers of lighting helps add warmth and texture to the room. In addition to a ceiling fixture, a room needs mid-level lighting for tasks like reading. Some spaces may also benefit from ambient lighting that helps create a mood.

Accent lights are also great at highlighting unique accessories, art, or cabinetry lighting. Whichever space you are designing for make sure you pay particular attention to the placement. You might also benefit from adding dimmer switches for all above-head lighting for additional lighting options.

Interior Design Mistake #3: Being Afraid of Using Color

modern blue living room with blue and yellow modern furniture

All-white interior design used to be all the rage, but most designers are choosing to use additional color palettes these days. There is no need to be afraid of adding color to your design. Even if you are going for a contemporary style, you can add color in for extra dimension.

Incorporating color into your design can come in many forms including colorful rugs, an array of accessories, bold artwork, textiles, and vibrant pillows. If you are nervous about adding color to your space, try starting with colors that aren’t as vibrant. Our favorites? Try natural shades of orange and pink. Pick your favorite color and let it brighten a space in your home.

Interior Design Mistake #4: Too Matchy-Matchy

Modern Candlesticks in a Contemporary Dining Room Centerpiece at San Francisco Design

There used to be a day where matching everything was the way to go. Now, professional interior designers are opting for spaces with furniture and accessories that tastefully fit together without mimicking the same style over and over.

Try finding pieces that mix-match by building off a foundational piece. Find elements that help the objects flow together without one style dominating the other. An easy way to think of incorporating the mix-matched rule is by decorating the room in 75 to 80 percent of the same style and then using the other to add in unusual pieces. This will help you find a design style that is entirely your own.

Interior Design Mistake #5: Not Asking for Advice

Gray Leather Modern Tufted Bed With Headboard & Bedframe

Many homeowners and designers get too afraid of the opinions of others. Fortunately, our experts are here to help you solve all of your design dilemmas. If you are in the middle of an interior design project or have questions about the designs flooding the market, contact our interior design team. We’d love to help you turn your design mistake into an award-winning home.