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Why Modern Expandable Dining Tables are Trending

Modern Luxury Dining Table with Glass Legs & Wood TabletopInterior design trends ebb and flow and 2021 is no different. This will be the year of industrial minimalism with bold, sleek designs with structural wood and metal elements. Glass, steel, and stone reign, and designs using these materials echo their timeless nature. You can incorporate this modern, contemporary style into the heart of your home with San Francisco Design’s modern expandable dining tables.

Your dining room table is the focal point during gatherings. It’s where memories are made, stories are told, and meals are shared. It’s where you entertain. With the advent of COVID-19 and remote, flexible work options, it may even be where you work.

Modern expandable dining tables trend across social media channels for several good reasons. Extendable dining tables work in various settings, from small apartments to large single-family homes.

When you host large parties, and you need more room, you can expand the table to accommodate your guests and retract it when they leave.

If you’ve had expandable dining tables in the past, you may have wrestled with large, unwieldy table leaves or needed two people to pull the sides of the table apart.

These days, modern expandable dining tables are engineering marvels that hide the extra sleeves within their design. Others are automated and expand with the press of a button.

Let’s look at four reasons why every home should upgrade, and get a modern expandable dining table.

Modern Extendable Dining Tables Grow with You

modern extendable Copeland dining table for a contemporary dining roomYour modern extendable dining table is an investment piece for the future. Furnishing your dining room with a flexible dining option ensures your purchase lasts for years. Since extendable dining tables fit in a variety of spaces, it is a flexible option when you upgrade your home or, conversely, if you downsize. 

A modern extendable dining table will adapt to your fluctuating lifestyle needs.

Entertaining Made Easy With Extendable Dining Tables

Make a statement with a modern extendable dining table the next time you host a gathering. Understated yet sleek and elegant, a modern extendable dining table can host a large dinner party or fold up for more intimate gatherings.

The clean lines of San Francisco Design extendable tables will add to the sophistication of your event, and glass-topped surfaces are easy to sanitize.

Modern expandable dining tables are also an excellent option for large families in smaller homes who need every square foot of their home.

Sleek and Minimal Modern Extendable Dining Tables Offer Versatility

Modern Naos Expandable Glass and Steel Dining Table from San Francisco Design Merge durability with classic materials and unmatched versatility for a timeless piece that can pass down for generations. Contemporary designs are extraordinarily flexible and can complement many interior styles, from classic chic to industrial modern to nostalgic mid-century retro.

Go for sophisticated minimalism or create a more layered space with your modern extendable dining table serving as your anchor piece. Our tables offer a stylish and versatile touch to any dining room.

Customize Your Expandable Dining Room Table

With plenty of options to customize your extendable dining table, you can write your interior narrative with an authentic style that’s unique. At San Francisco Design, you can transcend boring mass-crafted furniture and create something new and fresh. Select from premium materials and fittings, customize your tabletop shape, and choose your style of expandable dining room tables with the assistance of our interior design experts at San Francisco Design.

Modern Extendable Dining Tables at San Francisco Design

San Francisco Design has a wide selection of high-quality, modern extendable dining tables. Our unique dining tables are built to last with premium materials. The modern designs are kept simple, focusing on strong, solid construction. You can find a shape that maximizes your space with available options in rectangular, circular, boat-shaped, bow-ended, and irregular.

San Francisco Design is renowned for our contemporary high-end designs. Our  extendable dining tables come in various options, including metal, glass, and wood varieties.

Consult with our interior designers by visiting one of our showroom floors, online, or over the phone. Communicate your ideas and we can guide you through the customization process to create an expandable dining room table that matches your vision.

Shop our modern expandable dining tables and customize yours today.