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Your Guide to Styling Dining Room Centerpieces for Summer

By May 5, 2020March 29th, 2024Interior Design Tips

Modern & Contemporary Dining Room Centerpieces by San Francisco Design

Summer is one of the best times of year to revamp your space with small details. As this upcoming summer approaches, you get in on the fun by making a few interior design tweaks. Sure, you know how to swap out your wool rugs for lighter material varieties. You might have even set out a few table accessories in your living room already. Or, given your bedroom a summer makeover. But what about your dining room?

Many contemporary dining rooms look and feel the same for years before we give them a little extra design care and attention. But, the interior designers at San Francisco Design believe it is one of the most underrated places for making a seasonal statement.

Luckily, you don’t need to completely redesign your dining room space for it to look wholly refreshed during the summer season. One way our designers give their client’s a dining room makeover is by adding a summer centerpiece.

Contemporary table decorations are a fantastic way of transforming your dining room. No matter if you are hosting a summertime party or want to bring your dining room into the current season, a summer centerpiece is the ultimate solution.

Here are a few ways you can style your dining room for summer that features a contemporary touch.

6 Contemporary Dining Room Centerpieces for Summer


Focus on Sculpture

Modern Centerpieces for a Contemporary Dining Room

One of the defining features of contemporary design is organic shapes. Bring in that sculpture focus by using an individual sculpture or a low-profile vase that is uniquely shaped. If you are using a sculpture, that find a piece that draws the eye in with a striking shape. On the other hand, a low-profile bowl or vase can also be the perfect spot to place a few summer fruits for an added in-season flair.

Incorporate a Non-Flower Arrangement

Sculptural Summer Modern Dining Room Centerpiece

While flowers are a usual choice for many summer centerpieces, take the road less traveled by using branches, houseplants, cacti, or other non-flower arrangements. This centerpiece is much more sculptural than florals. It will also help anchor the entire contemporary design, while also making a stylish accent to the room.

Display Candlesticks 

Modern Candlesticks in a Contemporary Dining Room Centerpiece at San Francisco Design

Antique candlesticks are another dining room centerpiece that perfectly capitalizes on the contemporary style. You can even use candlestick holders that feature a lighter design, making it the perfect centerpiece for a summer dining room style. Instead of metallic, choose candlestick holders colored with earthy tones that better fit the summer season.

Show-Off Earthy Objects

Modern Dining Room Centerpieces for a Contemporary Home at San Francisco Design

Speaking of earthy, you can also use a collection of objects that include an unfinished, minimalistic touch. Some of the objects you could use include wooden items, raw stones, rustic accessories, and other objects. Our designers suggest either using one oversized item or several small ones. Homeowners with a simplified dining room design might find that one oversized item would draw the right amount of attention to the contemporary feel of the space.

Assemble an Assortment of Potted Plants

Modern Vases & Potted Plants for a Contemporary Centerpiece

If you want to create variety, try using a series of living centerpieces rather than one. Potted plants also feel very in-line with summertime interior designs. Herbs are another great option for dining room centerpieces, as they need little maintenance. You can also cut off a piece and add it to your summer recipes during barbeques and other summer festivities.

Create a Monochrome Display

Monochromatic Centerpieces for a Modern Dining Room Available at San Francisco DesignAnother excellent option for a summertime dining room centerpiece is a monochrome display. By keeping the centerpiece’s look monochromatic, you will help emphasize the room’s similar color palette. Working together, the entire design will feel cohesive and organized. The dining room will also feel very modern, as it lacks any contrasting colors.

Summer Dining Room Styling at San Francisco Design

Get your home ready for summer by visiting San Francisco Design. You can choose from a collection of dining room items or work with our interior design experts for additional design services. Our modern and contemporary furniture store has a wide variety of pieces that will make your house feel summer-ready in no time. You can also work with our interior designers revamping your space to better fit the season.

Contact San Francisco Design or visit one of our Utah showrooms today.