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A More Contemporary Christmas

By February 21, 2018March 29th, 2024Interior Design Tips

modern contemporary christmas decor

Tradition is very important around Christmas…But making it modern and fresh is easy to do while carrying on that Christmas cheer that we all know and love! This Christmas, try a new color scheme that includes deep, rich browns, saturated apple greens, and clean, snowy whites. Combine shimmery golds with shimmery grays and add steel blue accents, or go completely contemporary with more vibrant, youthful teal blues, berry reds, and neon greens wrapping around your tree.

Rather than the traditional trees and Santa, dress up the space with abstract forms of familiar winter shapes and figures. White statues of deer, glittering gold Christmas trees, and faux fur owls will not only bring a modern touch to your Christmas décor, but they will add in some unique and contemporary textures and materials!

Bring the outdoors in while going back to basics. Place frosted twigs or branches in vases for centerpieces or use them as part of a mantle arrangement. Use crystals along with faux snow against the natural browns and greens to create a classy pop. Use fewer ornaments and more natural materials, like pinecones you may find in your backyard. Keeping your décor clean, monochromatic, and natural will bring a more contemporary Christmas look into your home.

contemporary christmas gifts and decorations
Think outside the Christmas box and do something unordinary with your ornaments. These little things can be used in a huge variety of ways: arrange them in large glass vases on the dining table, hang them from a chandelier, or add them to the garland running along your banister. There are easy instructions on how to make a Christmas tree accent out of ornaments – check out this link: thriftycraftygirl.com. Even just tastefully spreading ornaments along with the table runner atop some shimmery organza will add to the contemporary Christmas look!

Happy Holidays from your interior designer,
– Courtney Bulloch