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How to Achieve the Perfect Design Aesthetic

By April 30, 2019May 14th, 2024Interior Design Tips

Artisan Inspired Modern Furniture from San Francisco Design

Finding your aesthetic is all about your personal style. Just like you pick out the clothes you wear every day, your interior design aesthetic is something that takes time to develop. Once you find your personal style, it’ll draw others in for its unique taste and interesting features. Instead of copying someone else, try cultivating a look that speaks to your personality.

If you are feeling stuck trying to achieve your own personal aesthetic, here are a few tips to help point you in the right direction.

Interior Design Tip #1: Look for Inspiration

The journey to finding your personal aesthetic begins with inspiration. Spend your time visiting interior design blogs, online stores, furniture stores, Pinterest, and other sites. The benefit of living in the digital era is that you get a glimpse into thousands of different homes with a variety of styles from all over the world. But don’t just collect photos, do a deep dive into the design. What do you like about the room? What do you dislike? Pull different elements together to find something for a design the more closely resembles your style. You can even draft up fabrics and styles into an inspiration board for every space you are designing.

Interior Design Tip #2: Think Long-Term

Don’t be too quick to settle on a style. Establishing an aesthetic takes time. You don’t need to determine everything you want out of your interior design overnight. Take time building your understanding of what you like. Talk with people about your choices, finding different things you like, and working towards your style. Even if you have a deadline, that doesn’t mean you have to settle on everything right away. Make small choices as you go, and you can slowly achieve the look you want.

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Interior Design Tip #3: Make It Memorable

One of the best ways of making an aesthetic your own is by incorporating your personal belongings. Whether its objects from your childhood or a recent vacation, adding in memorabilia makes your style your own. Take time to go through a variety of things and settle on a few. Integrating these pieces will make your home feel like a reflection of who you are. It is also a great way to see the objects that interest you most.

Interior Design Tip #4: Go Outside of the Box

You don’t need to determine if your style is modern or vintage, farmhouse or Scandinavian. Sticking to one style can make you feel limited. If you decide on one style and run with it, you might end up with a space that doesn’t feel like it’s yours. Your home should be comfortable and speak to your personal taste. We often encourage people to mix 2-3 interior design styles. It is a great way to evolve your aesthetic and make it your own.

Arcadia Curved Leather Modern Dining Chair

Interior Design Tip #5: Work Within Your Space

When determining the style of your home, focus on the function of the space. Use the functionality of the room to help you identify the look. You can then choose different fabrics, paints, and accessories that fit the area and tie in your aesthetic.

Interior Design Tip #6: Design As You Go

As mentioned above, don’t think you need to achieve your aesthetic right away. Work as you go. First, find a floorplan. Then, the fixtures and other nonstructural design elements. You can then paint, find furniture, and pick accessories. Think in terms of the next step, and it will slowly come together. Another trick is finding a piece that speaks to you and working around it. These little interior designer techniques can make finding your aesthetic a lot less complicated.

Have any other tips on achieving a personal aesthetic? Leave them in our comments below. You can also visit with some of the interior design experts at San Francisco Design to find pieces that perfectly fit your design style. Contact us today to get started.