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Mid-Century Modern Home Decor Inspiration

By May 9, 2019May 14th, 2024Interior Design Tips

Spring is all around us, and that is getting us in the mood for freshening things up around the home. But if you are anything like us, you know that mid-century modern is all the rage these days. Whether you are visiting the Museum of Modern Art or Target, mid-century modern décor is everywhere you look. But how do you know which look fits your home best? We put together five of our favorite mid-century designs for you to draw your inspiration.

You don’t need to fully commit to adding all of the mid-century elements into your design. After all, over-doing it can make your modern room a lot less stylish than you hoped. In this design from Christen Ales Interior Design, the contrasting colors, wood elements, and curved furniture are the stand-out pieces that catch every on-looker’s eye. It’s also great to note that the pops of color and sleek lines of the rug help add a touch of personality that make this design a stand-out from the rest.

Pale hues can be the answer to all your mid-century woes. By keeping all of your wood and fabric in the same neutral tone, your design will feel elevated and professionally-designed. This master bedroom from the home of Etsy COO, Linda Findley Kozlowski, relies on a few statement pieces to achieve its modern aesthetic. Also, the matching dresser and side table, walnut flooring, subtle color pops, and minimalistic artwork helps pull everything together.

Perhaps one of the design elements that make modernism so unique is its minimalistic touch. This gorgeous home’s mid-century modern interior design and architecture lets the forested surroundings remain the focal point. We love the sculptural light fixtures, naturally-colored fabrics, minimal furnishings, sleek fireplace, walnut flooring, and Douglas fir exposed beams on the ceiling.

Sticking to lighter, natural colors like whites, creams, and browns can make your mid-century home appear more comfortable. Plus, the color blocking and natural light in this mid-century design also contrast the bright white of the flooring and fireplace façade.

Offset your contemporary space with an eye-catching light fixture like the one found in this design by Design Wright Studios. This room opts for a cooler color scheme with grays, whites, and lavenders. The stone fireplace and geometric features make sure that the overall impact of the design is striking.

This effortless, yet totally put together mid-century living room combines bohemian elements with streamlined mid-century elements for an altogether one-of-a-kind look. This Studio City, California is warm and cozy thanks to wood flooring and wood beam ceilings. Also, the Moroccan Pouf, wool rug, and wooden accents give the space the natural look that’s crucial for most mid-century modern designs.

Room Details: The sofa and pouf pictured in the design above are both available for purchase at San Francisco Design.

For more mid-century modern design tips and information on the pieces included in these designs, contact the team at San Francisco Design.