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Shopping for Modern Luxury Sofas? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

By December 1, 2020March 29th, 2024Furniture

white modern luxury sofa with multi-colored living room furnitureWhen you’re shopping for high end sofas, it’s likely you have a myriad of questions. Which brands are genuinely high quality? Should I visit a furniture store in person, or can I order online? How can I make sure my modern sofa will match my home? Which styles are the most popular?

Fortunately for you, the experts at San Francisco Design have the answers to make your search for an upscale sofa a breeze! Shop for luxury modern sofas with confidence by following these steps:

#1: Do Your Research

researching high end contemporary sofasThe simplest way to get acquainted with a high-end modern furniture brand is by visiting their website and getting familiar with what they offer. Doing your research beforehand allows you to make an informed purchase, avoiding the woes of buyer’s remorse down the road. We recommend discovering where their furniture is produced, the individual product’s materials, dimensions, and browsing through product images. Additionally, it’s a good idea to look through the store’s Google reviews and read customer assessments.

#2: Find a Store that Specializes

modern brown sofa in a contemporary furniture storeAs you browse through a store’s website or showroom, look for a specific style. If there’s not a clear area of specialization, the store is likely not high-end at all. Upscale furniture stores offer a variety of products that can be defined as one design style. The employees at high-end stores will know the ins and outs of every piece in their showroom and which sofas will best complement a home’s interior. Even better, certain upscale furniture stores have in-house interior designers that can help you find the perfect sofa for your living room.

More and more, homeowners are looking to modern and contemporary furniture stores to outfit their home with the finest in upscale furnishings. For a sofa that will leave your guests awestruck, we suggest seeking out a store that specializes in the modern style.

#3: Plan Ahead

tan leather sofa with modern living room accentsYou know better than anyone that high-end sofas aren’t (and shouldn’t be) the cheapest option around. Luckily, your living room furniture is something you should feel free to splurge on, and price often has a direct correlation with quality. After all, a high-quality sofa can last for years longer than a cheap one, standing the test of time and looking undoubtedly chic through the process.

#4: Ask About Customization

custom luxury furniture options with fabric and leather samplesIf you’re paying a considerable amount for your modern luxury sofa, it should be something you love. Luckily, some furniture stores today are experiencing an evolution. While still few and far between, select high-end furniture stores offer furniture personalization, giving you the chance to bring your unique vision to life. That’s right, you can be the designer!

Custom furniture is crafted with care, high-quality, and completely unique to you. While mass produced sofas are a dime-a-dozen, original pieces can be found nowhere else. If you have the option to put your personal flare in a contemporary sofa, take it.

#5: Contact the Seller Directly

high end modern leather sofa with tan accent pillows

Feeling unsure about a particular sofa? You’re not alone. It can be difficult to purchase upscale furniture based on an online listing alone. Luckily, many of your questions can be answered with a quick call to the store! Ask about the sofa materials, customization options, the price range, and shipping timelines to determine whether the piece is right for you. Since some high-end furniture stores offer custom, built-to-order furnishings, their website may not display the full range of products, so it’s a good idea to request additional photos of your item from the seller.

#6: Visit the Brick-and-Mortar Location

upscale furniture showroom with modern living room & dining furnitureIn some cases, buying a modern sofa online might be your best option, particularly when proximity is an issue. However, we strongly recommend visiting a high-end furniture store in person (if possible) to help you make your decision. Strolling through a store’s showroom gives you an inside look at sofa styling ideas straight from the experts, and you may even find a few pieces that look stunning in-person.

Visiting a store in-person also allows you to “try before you buy”. Many furniture stores accurately depict their offerings online, but it’s always a good idea to test out your luxury sofa before you make a purchase. Feel the fabric, inspect the craftsmanship, and ensure that it’s comfortable enough to become your living room’s centerpiece.

High-End Furniture at San Francisco Design

blue leather contemporary sofa with modern coffee tableWhen you purchase an upscale sofa, it’s no longer just a piece of furniture. Instead, it becomes an investment in your home’s aesthetic. The perfect contemporary sofa for you will take an ordinary interior and turn it into absolute luxury, ideal for entertaining, lounging, or working from home.

Modern luxury sofas at San Francisco are second to none. Made from the finest materials and crafted down to the smallest detail, San Fran sofas stand alone in the world of upscale furniture. To outfit your home with one of our contemporary masterpieces, browse our website, contact our store directly, or visit one of our showrooms today!