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The Latest and Greatest Modern Designs

It’s no surprise that modern design continues to dominate the design landscape. Sleek, sophisticated, and minimal, the modern style is a perfect choice for any home. While other design styles have become old and outdated, contemporary design continues to be a driving force. Here are some of the latest and greatest aspects of modern design, as well as some style tips from our expert interior designers:

Curves and Smooth Edges

Perhaps one of the most notable shifts in modern design is the shift from clean to curves and smooth edges. That’s not to say clean, sharp lines aren’t used in modern style; in fact, many designers are combining minimalist sofas with curved accent chairs and office furniture. Incorporating both curves and sharp lines adds dimension and texture to a space, making it feel more like home.Curved Modern Sofas & Accent Chairs for a Contemporary Living Room at San Francisco Design

Contemporary Fireplaces

One of our favorite modern trends is that of the contemporary fireplace. Forget the notion of bulky red-brick fireplaces, today’s fireplace is all about sleek simplicity. Many homeowners are opting for seamless fireplaces that blend into the wall but still brighten and enhance the space aesthetically. Not only are wall fireplaces an innovative accent to your contemporary living room, but they also require virtually no maintenance. Could it get any better than that?


We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: adding greenery to your home is a fantastic way to bring color and authenticity into its interior. A word of advice? Our designers recommend that you accent your home with real greenery rather than faux plants. Not only do real indoor plants look more genuine, but they can also improve your health-boosting your mood and clearing toxins throughout the home. Try to pair your indoor greenery with a unique vase or container for that eye-catching effect.

greenery & houseplants modern design

Old and New in Harmony

Contrary to popular belief, contemporary design isn’t dependent on the concept of “new”. While the incorporation of unique accents is important, old is just as stylish as new. Take some of your trinkets from vacations past and pair them with new statement pieces for a design that puts others to shame.


Darker Kitchens

Modern kitchens of the past have incorporated white into their designs, often relying on the color white to do all the heavy lifting. From subway tiles to appliances, many contemporary kitchens have been realized in white over the years. However, the trend for an entirely white kitchen is falling by the wayside in wake of darker hues. Regal blues, emerald greens, wood tones, and everything in between serve to add depth to the most-used room in the home.

dark modern kitchen design from San Francisco Design

Personalize Your Space

Gone are the days of impersonal wall paintings. Today’s modern designs are unique because they have character. Own your space by decorating with things that mean something to you — don’t be afraid to let your personality show through the walls and decor. DIYing a light fixture here or displaying a personalized canvas there is the perfect way to make your space modern and unique.

Statement Furniture 

More than ever, modern interior design is turning to furniture to be the focal point of every space. From living room to home office, the success of your contemporary design depends on your furniture. After all, furniture is the first thing the eyes are drawn to. However, finding modern furnishings with personality is no easy feat. Many contemporary pieces can be bland, dysfunctional, or just downright uncomfortable, making your space feel less like home and more like an awkward art exhibit. Luckily, pieces like these are the perfect combination of comfortable and contemporary.

Modern Living Room Sofa and Accent Furniture as Statement Pieces in Your Contemporary Living Room

San Francisco Design

No matter which aspects of modern design you would like to implement in your home, let San Francisco Design be of assistance. With contemporary furniture that ranges from leather sofas to modern bookcases, we have everything you need to transform your home. Our interior designers are experts in contemporary style and truly bring your unique vision to life. Visit our website to view our latest products or contact us today to schedule an appointment with a designer. We can’t wait to help you get started.