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The Perfect Recipe to Make Your Home Look Professionally Designed

By April 5, 2019May 14th, 2024Interior Design Tips

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Do you want the professional scoop on how to make your interior design look straight out of Elle Decor? Look no further than San Francisco Design. Whether you just moved in or are looking for a design update, our designers are putting their minds to the task and giving you a step-by-step guide to make your home look professional put together.

Follow our most sought-after interior designer, Jane Memmott’s, guide to taking your space from amateur to professional in one fell swoop.

Home Makeover Step #1: Start with a natural color

Living Room Set featuring an Italian sectional sofa

No matter which room you are designing or remodeling, make sure that you start with a neutral base. All of the colors, ranging from cream to beige, fit perfectly on the scale of neutrality. A naturally-colored base gives you a lot of room to work with. Also, it opens up any space by reflecting the natural light pouring in from doors and windows. Conversely, darker colors can make a room appear smaller and limit your design later on down the road.

Home Makeover Step #2: Try tonal furnishings

We will let you on another interior designer’s secret– tonal furnishings. Using multiple shades of the same color or the same hue creates a sense of luxury, elegance, and refined effortlessness. It is also visually comforting to any on-looker. If you want your room to scream style, then try this tip on for size.

Home Makeover Step #3: Mix In texture

Contemporary marble dining room table and dining room set

Keep things interesting by adding different textures, patterns, fabrics, and finishes. Because you began your design with a neutral color base, you can play around with a variety of accessories and other decorating elements. All good interior decorators will tell you that accent fabrics and accessories are a great way to add visually compelling pieces that you can easily switch on when the trends change. Right now, we are loving acid-washed fabrics, pastel patterns, and matte finishes.

Home Makeover Step #4: Add contrast and depth

The final step to any good design is digging a little deeper. If you have ever been in a room that feels overwhelming, you know precisely why depth is crucial to professional interior design. However, it’s not only small spaces that need a sense of depth. Make your space more complex by adding contrasting elements, including contrasting hues, mirrors, layered fabrics, and minimalistic décor.

Follow these simple steps to achieve the professional design of your dreams. For additional help with your interior design, contact our experts. We love advising homeowners throughout Utah and the rest of the country.