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What Makes a Mid-Century Modern Home and How to Master the Style

Finding your personal design style is one of the joys of furnishing and decorating a home. Understanding the basics of mid-century modern interior design can help you make your living space your own, determine when you should stick to the rules, and (most importantly) know how to break them when it’s time to add your own unique flair.

Here are the major keys when considering modern home decor, including a few pieces from our own collection that will help you establish a look you’ll love.

What Does Mid-Century Modern Style Look Like?

It’s easy to see why mid-century modern interiors remain a popular choice among home buyers, renovators, and designers. There are limitless ways to combine traditional materials with new splashes to create functional, sleek-looking spaces. Mid-century modern interiors also tend to avoid overwhelming ornamentation, instead preferring an understated, uncluttered appearance that still allows for a personal touch.

Perhaps the easiest-to-identify calling card of the mid-century style is its oft-repeated credo, “form follows function.” If an element of the design can be removed without sacrificing its usefulness and comfort, consider it expendable. Filtering each design decision through this lens results in fresh, clean lines and a sense of effortless consistency for your modern home decor.

Mid century modern sectional sofa, chairs & end table in contemporary Utah living room

Elements of a Mid-Century Modern Home

One of the most enticing aspects of the mid-century look is the freedom it allows as you consider your home’s new decor. Routinely experimenting with colors, materials, and pieces conducive to your lifestyle can reveal new tastes you weren’t even aware of — and open up a wealth of unique modern design options for you to try.

Here are a few examples of our quality home furnishings to help you instantly establish a classic mid-century look:

  • The Parker Sofa. Where would a mid-century modern living room be without a stylish, instantly recognizable sofa? The Parker is a tight back, tight seat, leather sofa with elongated cushions representing something of an architectural masterpiece. No matter which combination of colors and frame materials you choose, its sharp silhouette promises to mix mid-century class with modern comfort.
The Parker Sofa a perfect element of a mid century modern home
  • The Estelle Dining Chair. This artistic wooden dining chair will fit any dining room’s mid-century aesthetic. Made with form and function in mind, optional armrests can be added or quickly stripped away. The Estelle checks all the essential mid-century modern boxes — traditional materials, a comfortable, no-frills design, and it is incredibly easy to match with a dining table to your liking.
Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Chair Estelle
  • The Olio Modern Mirror. Functioning as both a hanging mirror and a work of art, this piece from Glassisimo is one of our favorites. Much of the mid-century design ethos hinges on contrasting traditional materials like natural wood with the newness of glass and steel. The Olio is an effortless combination of old and new that can work anywhere in the home as a splash of color, a statement piece, or as a stunning accent to a room’s angular lines.
Mid Century Modern Decorative Mirror for Contemporary Bedroom, Living Room or Bathroom

How We Can Help Transform Your Space

Fine-tuning your personal style can take time, but ask anyone who finally finds the piece that ties their whole room together, and they’ll tell you — it’s a worthwhile venture. Modern home decor is an art requiring a keen eye, which is why our team at San Francisco Design in Salt Lake City offers custom interior design solutions specific to both modern and contemporary designs.

Our team is ready to take on projects and homes of every size, from contemporary living room renovations to whole-home modern makeovers. Take advantage of our interior design services and start transforming your home or workplace into a mid-century masterpiece today!