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Interior Design Trends

What Interior Design Trends Are Going Out of Style?

As you begin the process of decorating your house, figuring out your style can be a challenge. You’ll want to ask yourself, what do you want your home to be? Do you want a serene retreat? An energetic, colorful space for entertaining? Or perhaps an eclectic space to collect your treasures? It’s helpful to write down or save pictures of what inspires you. What colors, patterns, and styles do you gravitate to?

If you prefer a fresh design that is updated with current design trends, you’ll want to know trends that are on their way out. In this blog post, we’ll talk about why trends change so quickly and what is out when it comes to trends in 2024.

What interior design trends are going out of style in 2024?

Outdated Interior Design Trends

As we all know, design styles come and go quickly. Social media and the internet spread trends far and wide, only to move on quickly when things feel saturated. Influencers always look for the next big trend, which constantly changes things. With trends updating so fast, here’s a glimpse into some items in your home that could be outdated and might need a little refresh.

Are Sectionals Out of Style?

Sectionals are here to stay; this sofa style is gaining popularity, partly due to everyone spending a lot of time at home in the past few years. Many people favor them over the smaller statement sofas that were popular in the past. They’re loved for their practicality and comfort. While some styles of sectionals are out, search for one that keeps your room feeling light and spacious.

Above all, consider what will work for your family. Will you be watching TV? Doing homework or family projects? That will determine whether you need a sectional for optimal seating or a sofa and chairs.

Are Accent Walls Out of Style?

With so many different design styles out there, you may wonder, are accent walls out of style? Accent walls are still in as long as they’re done correctly. Avoid using a solid, bold color when designing an accent wall in your space. Instead, make an accent with a unique texture (like beadboard or a textured compound over drywall) or a subtle wallpaper in the same color tone as the rest of the space. Above all, make sure you’re choosing the right wall to accent. It’s wise to pick the first wall you see when you walk into a room.

Is Dark Wood Furniture Out of Style?

While recent trends have steered towards light and bright rooms, dark wood furniture still has its place in modern design. The key is to balance dark furniture with contrasting flooring, bright colors, and plenty of light fixtures to keep your room from feeling dark or crowded.

Is Oil-Rubbed Bronze Out of Style?

Oil-rubbed bronze is a classic fixture color that can be timeless in the right space. While oil-rubbed bronze isn’t out of style, a bright faux bronze or faux gold fixture could probably use a refresh. Many homeowners opt for more modern, flat black fixtures that work well with most interior styles.

Is Gray Going Out of Style?

Neutrals are some of the most used colors in home design, with whites, beiges, and browns all having their moments. While once appealing for their modern look, gray walls, floors, and kitchens are on their way out in favor of warmer beiges and whites.

Are Wood Walls Going Out of Style?

There’s always a place for wooden accent walls in a home. But the type of wood and accent wall matters. Shiplap and reclaimed wood are more likely to make your home look dated to the farmhouse craze of just a few years ago, while fluted walls and trim make your home look updated and modern.

Is Acrylic Furniture Out of Style?

Regarding whether acrylic furniture is trendy, it depends on the piece. It’s best to use acrylic furniture sparingly. Use a single acrylic table or chair to balance the weight in a room, pack an aesthetic punch, and add a modern touch to a room. Sculptural and curved furniture is big in 2024, as softer shapes and angles are a trend for the year.

Is Wood Furniture Out of Style?

Wooden furniture has been a home’s mainstay for centuries and isn’t likely to go out of style soon. Natural materials like wooden furniture age well, have long-lasting beauty and have a timeless aesthetic. You’ll find many beautiful, modern wooden furniture pieces in our collection at San Francisco Design.

Are Dressers Out of Style?

Dressers are a furniture staple for many bedrooms. Not only are they a beautiful design element, but they’re also a functional storage space for clothes. Matching bedroom sets are on their way out; the trend is mixed bedroom pieces that come together for a beautiful, curated design.

Are Gallery Walls Out of Style?

Gallery walls are a trend that’s still going strong. Choose coordinating frames with clean lines to make yours look more modern, using a piece of original art as the focal point. Incorporating sculptures or pottery adds dimension and depth to the wall.

Stay On-Trend with San Francisco Design

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