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Your Guide to Designing the Perfect Contemporary Bathroom

By August 9, 2020March 29th, 2024Interior Design Tips

Contemporary bathroom design with modern sink & mirror

The one interior design change that many homeowners are asking about time and time again is updating their outdated bathroom in the contemporary style. Contemporary bathrooms are an in-style addition that works for any home. When contemporary style started popularizing, it was limited to bedrooms and living rooms, but now it is making its way into the bathrooms everywhere.

Contemporary interior design uses straight and simple silhouettes for a minimalistic feel. However, it is easy to confuse contemporary style with modern design. While contemporary design may borrow some influences from modernism, it also incorporates its own look and feel to create a space that is as unique as it is breathtaking.

Particularly, contemporary style uses cool hues, updated materials, sharp edges, and futuristic trends. It speaks to “of-the-moment” pieces that point towards the future, instead of relying on the past like modern design.

There are a lot of other choices that can make a difference when designing a contemporary bathroom. That is why the interior design team at San Francisco Design created a guide to designing the perfect contemporary bathroom. Follow these tips for contemporary bathroom design success!


How to Design a Contemporary Bathroom: Ideas for Every Home


Consider Your Choice of Materials

Contemporary bathroom designs come in various combinations, but one choice that brings all of them together is the choice of materials, including synthetics, laminates, metals, and plastics. Interior designers decorating bathrooms in other design styles will look for items that feature wood, stone, and porcelain, instead. While you can incorporate these choices in your bathroom design, contemporary bathrooms are better suited for the latter.

modern bathroom with metal & wood materials 

Simplify Your Color Palette

The contemporary color scheme uses simple, sleek, and stark choices. Think bright white, black, and shades of grays. These colors will work as your foundation, while you can mix in hints of color as your accent shades. For example, choose cabinets in a dark shade of gray and a stark white for your wall space. Then you can add-in metallic hardware for a polished finish. This contrasting combination will create an overall contemporary look.

modern contemporary bathroom colors 

Choose Simple Silhouettes

Using the right forms in your design will add greatly to a contemporary design. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, clean lines and sharp angles often used in contemporary design will greatly benefit your space. On the other hand, these factors will also compliment a master bathroom of greater size.

Silhouettes that work well in every contemporary bathroom maintain elegance and are also efficient inside the space. For example, consider outfitting your bathroom with an angular double sink and cabinet combination. You can even find these options in a wide range of materials, including glass, stainless steel, and copper.

Contemporary bathroom double sink design

Keep It Open

No matter if you are styling a master bathroom or a ½ bath, you should keep the space as open as possible. Minimize the amount of furniture and accessories you pack into the bathroom to maximize the look of spaciousness. You can make the room look more open by adding in large mirrors, opting for a glass shower, and installing a floating vanity. These options, along with using a light color scheme, it will create a feeling of openness that is reminiscent of contemporary design.

Modern Contemporary Bathroom with Open Layout & Design 

Find the Right Countertop and Backsplash

Other factors of bathrooms that you will need to consider are your countertop and backsplash. A few options that work well in contemporary bathrooms are darker granites, laminate, and lighter woods. For the backsplash, our interior design team recommends stone or glass finishes. If you want a contemporary look, try to steer clear of marble countertops and tiled backsplashes.

contemporary bathroom with modern countertop & backsplash

Add-in Bold Accent Details

Contemporary bathroom decor can be difficult to find, but it makes all the difference in the aesthetic of the space. While we recommend keeping your accent decorations to a minimum, don’t be afraid of making bold choices when you do. If you choose artwork for your contemporary bathroom, our designers suggest picking one that aligns with your color scheme. Another useful trick that you can use is picking decorations that all use the same material or color. 

Contemporary Bathroom With Modern & Simple Accents

Contemporary Bathroom Design at San Francisco Design

If you need help designing your contemporary bathroom, San Francisco Design is here to help. Our interior designers know how to make any room look perfectly put together using the latest trends and contemporary pieces. Contact us to learn more about our interior design services. You can also browse our site for a variety of contemporary items, accessories, and larger furniture pieces that you can use in your home.