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How To Incorporate Mid-Century Modern Furniture Into Your Home

How to Mix Mid-Century Modern Style Furniture Into Your Home’s Interior Design

Since its introduction, mid-century modern furniture has evolved from a new, unique style to a classic interior design staple. This retro-modern style offers unparalleled timelessness and a casual vibe that can instantly transform any space. If you want to incorporate mid-century modern design into your home without completely redoing your entire room, read on to learn some easy, effortless tips.

Defining Characteristics & Design Elements of Mid-Century Modernism

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As a style that grew in popularity during the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, mid-century modern design has remained a beautiful design staple. Characterized by its minimalism, organic shapes, and focus on functionality, it’s a timeless design style that is easy to incorporate into your home. Created as a way to reimagine traditional design styles, it features clean lines, bright colors, and beautiful, natural wood tones.

What Makes MCM an Easy Style to Incorporate into an Eclectic Home?

While many homeowners love the look of mid-century style, they’re hesitant to design a home that looks like a time capsule from the past. Luckily, many homeowners can enjoy the look and feel of mid-century modern simply by incorporating a few pieces into their current decor. Why is mid-century modern such a simple design to use? The cleanliness and modernism that clearly define the style mean a timeless look that easily blends in with many different design styles. In addition, mid-century modern furniture often comes in a variety of rich wooden hues and muted colors that blend well into any color palette.

Which Elements of Other Style Types Work Well with Mid-Century Modern Furniture & Decor?

It’s easy to get stuck in a design rut and stick to only one design style when decorating a space. However, mixing up design styles can create a unique, well-designed space that looks luxurious and reflects your personality and history. Here are a few interior design styles that easily incorporate modern mid-century pieces.

Transitional Interior Design


Mid Century Modern Furniture | Transitional Interior Design Style | San Francisco DesignAs a blend of traditional and modern styles, transitional is an increasingly popular style that effortlessly blends a mix of old and new styles. Combining mid-century modern furniture with transitional interior design is a cinch because of its focus on integrating furniture from different periods. To create a transitional look in your living room, try incorporating a modern mid-century armchair, lamp, or coffee table.

Eclectic Interior Design

Mid century modern furniture in living room with eclectic interior design | San Francisco DesignThe eclectic design style is all about showcasing your personality and filling your home with things that mean a lot to you. There are essentially no rules with this design, which makes it perfect for incorporating any mid-century modern pieces. Add a fun-shaped or sunburst mirror on the wall, a vintage-inspired lamp, or a unique art piece from the era to catch the eye. Or, ground your home’s design with a minimal sofa or sectional sofa that provides a perfect backdrop for bold colors and patterns.

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary Interior Design Living Room with Mid-century modern sofa and furniture | San Francisco DesignWhile not always easy to define, contemporary style features design styles that are currently popular. In other words, it is constantly evolving. Today’s contemporary design features neutral colors, minimalism, and curved lines. Incorporating mid-century modern into today’s contemporary interiors can be a cinch by adding a mid-century modern couch, side table, or pendant lights.

Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian interior design with mid century modern living room sofa | San Francisco DesignThe lack of structure and carefree mix of texture, patterns, and color defines the bohemian style. In the bohemian style, you’re encouraged to blend in artful pieces that are fun and have sentimental value to you. To add a touch of modern mid-century to your bohemian room, add a beautiful credenza, a patterned mid-century modern rug, or a chandelier.

Coastal Interior Design

Bedroom with costal interior design and mid century modern furniture | San Francisco DesignThis laid-back interior design style inspired by coastal living is characterized by its incorporation of natural elements, such as jute, rattan, linen fabrics, and natural woods. With a light, airy feel, incorporating mid-century modern into this design style is effortless. Add an oak dining room table with coordinating chairs or a tan mid-century loveseat.

Rustic Interior Design

Rustic interior design with mid century modern sofa table | San Francisco DesignThe rustic interior design exudes a welcoming, relaxing vibe and shouldn’t feel stuffy. The style has recently evolved to include modern elements emphasizing warm neutrals, earth tones, and natural textures. You can incorporate modern mid-century into this style by using clear pendants or a lamp with clean, straight lines.

San Francisco Design is Your Source for Beautiful Mid-Century Modern Pieces

Finding the right mid-century modern furniture pieces for your home should be enjoyable, and when you shop with us, it will be! At San Francisco Design, we’re here to help you find the perfect piece for your space, and our design assistance allows you to incorporate it into your room effortlessly. You’ll receive a free two-hour design consultation when purchasing any furniture from our stores. We are conveniently located in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah. Stop in at either of our furniture showrooms today to see all of our unique, beautiful furniture that you’ll love to add to your home.

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